November 2019 Challenges

The month of November means, NaNoWriMo, a month of writing a novel. The challenge is to achieve 50,000 words in 30 days. I have participated for 6 years now. Each year has brought on it’s own unique challenges. Some years I have harbored disappointment until the next year where I got a chance to try again.

Importantly, I have failed the challenges more years than I have won the challenge. Yet I’ve tried each year without fail.

Man Rock ClimbingThe challenge itself is a nonprofit fundraiser to help with programs intended to help ignite literacy in various forms to schools, communities and many individuals.

Enjoying the challenge and to work with something I already love is enough of a reason to join the challenge, addiction I suppose. Knowing that I can take my hobby and focus on it for a month with purpose is an incredible thing. I am also reminded that I do not spend enough time swimming in the freedom which is my own unique art.

Challenging Health and Passion

Today I was reminded of this. It was 2 years ago I was given a challenge by a wonderful physician which I have not put near enough gusto into. This particular challenge is one meant specifically to help recover some of my health.

Combining both challenges actually helps the success rate of the doctor’s recommendation. An art that I am passionate about, and recovery along side of it. Yet, for some reason I find myself not taking the time that I need to sit down in a chair and swim in that very passion.

I won the challenge this year. 50,901 words in 30 days, a result of passion and commitment. Full of that power of success and hours in my freedom place, I realize that I need to continue the challenge. It is well past time that I look at the second challenge and run with it.

Finally, do you have challenges in your life? Do you have a passion or more that you don’t spend enough time with? Perhaps, it is now that we all etch time out of our day, in reality, our lives and swim in the challenge and freedom that they bring.

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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