What Was Already Hers

EnteRed Rosering our world a bud, not quite ready for the light but deep in anticipation came a wild storm. She fought each day to find what she knew was already hers.
Every step of the way she warmed the hearts of those around her. Shining bright those petals began to open allowing sunlight and fresh sweet air in, she began to breathe freedom despite the pain of growth. She brought with her a few wilted leaves which prove her battle scars. We got to watch the faces and the movements of those who fell in love with her. Seeing those around us fall in love with a graceful woman full of compassion and strength.
This beautiful rose of fantastic colors grew in strength and continued to grow her roots deeper into the welcoming earth. There were days that the weather and the sun tore into her causing pain. There were days that her wilted leaves complained and reminded her of the pain they were in.
Touching the lives of those around her, the ones who wander and the ones who stay, there began roots that intertwined. As flowers do she inspired others to smile and join her. Some blooms were already there, needing her and looking to her to guide their entire existence. She enjoyed the children and her closest counterpart bloom, at times there were challenges. Despite a few more wilted leaves she never closed her petals.
Then came a day that she knew she could soar. She new she was ready to climb higher to reach the sun. Her stem grew and she maintained those wilted leaves but obtained  many more. Every green leaf was a part of her and brought her joy and love.
Her family of blooms she took with her and they grew far above those around her. Their roots still intertwined in the same soil, but no longer could they see her pretty face. She left them behind but gained yet another new leaf for each one of them.
Stretching her pretty face straight to the sun she felt intense heat. Her petals felt the rain stronger than ever and her leaves were happy to have the fresh air surround them.
She fought each day to find what she already knew belonged to her. She knew her fight would never be over but that was the perfect challenge for her. The rose was meant to be strong, to shine and to protect what was hers. No other rose had thorns quite like hers.
She grew away a wild and strong storm.
To our rose who is growing away.
We are so very proud of you!
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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