Below The Surface a Dark World Rages

Walking upon the translucent and iridescent surface the warm sun illuminates the beauty and warmth above. The thin ground a ribbon similar to the chiffon flowing gracefully through the air at the hands of a delicate dancer. Such a thin and beautiful surface separating two worlds.

The balance, an epitome of the ying and yang teaching, but so much richer. A sky which rests on the ribbon and reaches upward well past the capability of the eye. Creatures of amazement and beauty grace the surface with variety and vibrancy.Ribbon

Looking down below the fine ribbon separating two worlds the mind cannot fathom the depth of its blackness. The dark harboring forms which do not breathe as the life has be stolen from them. They swim aimlessly as if searching. Perhaps searching for a place warmer and free.

Below the calm surface a dark world rages. A complete world engulfed in dark and cold existence. Exists in a range of small to enormous forms, each darkly exquisite in its own way. The dark water hides the painful side of balance, hiding the cruel and menacing. Evil creatures swim through the water hunting their way through the night.
The shiny ribbon sinks slightly as a form, pale in grief, slowly begins to sink through the ribbon. Before, the form at peace with the light warming its face. Now a grey and lifeless form.

At times breaches the ribbon reaching for something, anything. On occasion its effort is rewarded with a poor soul. Other times, it fails slipping quickly back to the place in which it belongs. After which the ribbon mends itself, returning to its striking existence.

Occasionally monster swim close to the surface weaving between the departed. Shockingly there are those who can sink into the black yet can rise again. They sometimes come back ready to warm their cold bodies. Other times they return with another form in their embrace, warming yet another body.
Shards of light will slide effortlessly through the shimmering ribbon sending small bits of heat and love below. The shards striking an individual and sending them flying through the despair and hurling to the light. Should the shards strike a terrifying monster the most astonishing thing occurs. The monster slowly ascends melting and slowing reshaping.

Breaching the surface what was once a terrify monster with horrifying teeth and black eyes is now itself translucent and shining the iridescent colors of the sun.

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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