To You

To You
A piece of my heart
Who read the words that I wrote, and loved them no matter how much I disliked them
Whose face is flashing across my mind like slides moving too rapidly
Who was a gentleman through and through
Who held my hand and encouraged me to see what he saw
Who filled my children’s hearts with warmth
Who taught me so very much
Whose face always brought a smile
Whose last hug I will forever feel
Who supported those around him
Who drank whiskey even though his stomach didn’t like it
Whose cat chose, knowing you needed her
Who will be missed each day, event and place you once belonged
Whose words brought vibrancy to the world around
Who will continue to be known as 454
Who was born to tinker
Who missed the ballroom dancing from years passed
Who help make life so much more worth the living
Who didn’t mind my odd home remedies
Who loved fully those oddballs and outcasts
Who touched the lives of so many students
Who loved to hate the boiler at work
Who made my heart stop and breath fail so many times today
Who deserved the best, but made the best of what he had
Who had an eye for art, even in places most didn’t see
Who had no shame in admitting his enjoyment of collecting
Whose charisma will never be forgotten
A piece of my heart
To You

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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