The Evolution of a Writer

I’ve been looking through some of my older work from the two blogs. I was very nervous to merge the two. I have a different style now. If there was no evolution of writing style and interest I believe I would be a very stagnate writer. Of course the next natural step was to write about the evolution of a writer.

This blog has housed over 300 posts. Some of these posts are journals. Other posts focus on themes. There are newer posts that reflect struggle and passion. I’ve talked previously about the struggle I have with the confidence I need to push the publish button. So there are of course posts that reflect that struggle as well as the growth.

A person could start to read this and think to themselves that I am gloating. Rather, I am sharing something that I have reflected on and find that I appreciate the growth.  Throughout the years I have had different ideas and goals in writing. Sometimes this evolution was dependent on the dreams that I harbor. Other times I wrote because I needed to.

For some time I found it embarrassing that I would write because I wanted to. Some of my poems carry a weight that I am sure others cannot see or feel. Of course I saw and felt them clearly. For a long time I wondered if I should take those down. Similarly, those early posts about gardening and homeschooling may be of very little interest to any other person.

These posts are me. Each error and editing bloopers belong to me. The evolution of being a writer means a great deal more to me now than my earlier reflections gave credit to. I wanted to follow the instructions of a close friend to start building my blog. I did, though not as well as I could have.

Later, I had another brilliant idea. In truth it is sharp and utilized often in the internet world. Yet, that didn’t quite carry as well as I think it could have. More recently I have gained yet another perspective on what I am writing for now. Again, my evolution as a writer is personal and something that feeds my soul.

Evolving into the Writer that is Me

Why am I worried about what an individual might think when they run backwards through over 300 posts? Is there a reason that I should blush about work and passion that I put into my own art? Ironically, this is so much like the kernel article that I just wrote. I must listen to what I am trying to encourage others to do.

So often in these posts I talk about passion and its many meanings. Hoping to leave some sort of morsel of that beautiful and vast perspective drives me. But why? Simple. It is something that I thrive on in my own life.

I teach and write from the passion that feeds me. That is one thing that through these posts has not changed. That passion may have focused on different things at different times. Yet, through it all that is something that is woven into each word and thought spilled out in black and white text here on my little corner of the vast world of the internet.

The new work, the old work, the odd and outdated are all pieces that make me who I am. My worry about being stagnant is nullified by the oddity that creates variety here in this mess of posts and thoughts.

So what is the point of writing about the evolution of a writer? Well, that too is simple. Consider where you are at this point in your life. Where are your passions? Have you been able to see your own evolution? The pieces and parts may seem like a past that you wish to let go of. That is perfectly alright, but that too is a part of your story. Dive into the passion that your life is and has been.  Then, see where you wish it to lead you.

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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