Drawn Like Mercury

There they were a hot mess. His warm thick heat of pain, she a raging fire. Times before the heat was vented to the outside world. Once the storms rolled, while their passion mingled together inside where it was comfort and safety.

Now his warm pain churned into a thick layer of internal hopelessness. Her fire turned inside, started to burn into something so furious there billowed the smoke choking them; heating each breath and burning their throats.

Pain and heat grew and so did the red solidity of being lost. Both fought in their own way to pull away from the pain in a way from their internal misery, each failing and making the wall taller. Between them there was more pain that the world around them should see, so they kept it close and hid it from those they love. They hid it from themselves.

Like the mercury ball they are, each time they pull away they slowly are drawn together again. An energy alive subconsciously but earth shaking nonetheless. His pain would start to chiWall in nature backgroundll and frost over, her fire would thaw it. Her flame would start to quiet no longer warm enough to keep her moving He would give air the flame and feed the fire.

So far apart sitting next to each other, slowly they find themselves drawn, that mercury flowing with tremendous magnetic energy.

Drawing closer to each other they try to find the core of the other. A slight caress and a giggle of freedom their heat starts to slip into the outside world around them. Left inside a heartbeat throbbing and syncing, together only their pure heat remains. That energy and heat and with it pure life of each pulling together, their souls fusing together once again.

Their bodies relaxed while knowing there was still a storm yet they knew they could let it go for a short time. Peace like silk slid over them. Their swirling heat once again quieted pain and confusion burning bright against themselves. Yet for now they were reminded of the twin passion they share.

Before that wall of insecurity and fear begins to build its solidity with raging pain and heat, they took the time to consume each other slowly. In their minds a picture of a dark ball and smoke. The images fully clear in their sight. This very moment the reason they are they. This very moment the one that seals their souls and hearts crying out the urge and need to fight.

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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