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The Simple Things

There is a lot to be learned from the simple things. Perhaps the simple things that I get stuck on are the indication everyone else sees as my being crazy or in the least “a bit off”. My sense of humor certainly is off. My sense of time suffers because of those things that I get stuck on. There are of course those things that are large that the majority of people get stuck on. It seems that in some cases those large things are less difficult for me to process.

Recently I listened to a brief YouTube video and it struck a chord! Not only could I relate to the gentleman, but I could relate to the way that he carried his pain. The consequences of his pain were also in line with mine. But the video was one of success and incredible self-growth.

The point of something simple being the rise he gained after large disappointment and ultimately failure, was something that I am still clinging to. A gentleman told this man that he was more than he was allowing himself to be. He gave him one simple piece of advice that in the end the man found to change his world and himself completely.


Every day, as many times a day as possible, tell yourself you are something that you truly wish to be. Think of someone that you wish to emulate, then tell yourself you are the quality of that person that you wish to be. As you can tell my by recap, I greatly admire and appreciate this man for taking the time to share not only his experience but the science behind it.

Oh Yes! Let There Be Science

Many years ago I was given a book, one written decades before, that suggested that you could climb out of depression by correcting the bad things you were telling yourself in your mind. Obviously, you correct the verbal ones also. At the time I hated the concept, I found it rude and cold. Perhaps the writer was as awkward as I am, I regret now dismissing the idea.

Both the man and the book suggested that changing your thinking would not only change what you say to yourself, but would also physically change your neurological functions in your brain. THINK OF THAT! You can actually rewire your brain. This time around was not difficult for me to understand or believe. My recent diagnosis was treated by a large team of doctors. One specifically explained this to me. I can rewire my neurological happenings by simple but consistent changes in my day to day life. This man served as an excellent reminder of what I am ignoring in order to help my body and mind.

Currently dealing with a great deal of stress, my receptors for my disease are on fire, wreaking havoc in my body and mind. The reminder came at the best, and greatly a needed time. The outside and internal stress are taking its toll on the part of my own mental state, the one that tells me those horrible things.

Onward Ho!

I took the specific advice the man gave. I’m talking to myself. Each day I give myself a reminder. I tell myself what it is that I want to become; what it is that will make me who I dream to be. So far each time it makes me physically or internally smile.

It’s a little thing, this advice, one that is good for the world and myself to get stuck on. One that I hope that people get to hear at least once. Advice I know some will look at me as being “a bit off”. I truly am a bit off, a bit awkward, a large portion in pain, a decent portion anxious, a huge portion dealing with the large and suffocating bits and an extreme portion passionate about people.

Thank you to the doctor who wrote the book, to the doctor team and to the gentleman who was confident enough to share his life, the good and the bad.

I recently heard on one of my favorite podcasts about passion in writing. One of the pieces of my heart is dedicated to passion. He was sharing his experience in listening and reading others writing, and how it shaped his own writing, and writing success. A suggestion made was to focus on the things between what you want to write.

I admire both the gentleman, and the author and speaker of the podcast for being willing to share both their inadequacies and successes while chasing a dream.

Punishing myself for posting my work is something that I deal with between the lines of what I wish to write. Between what I am writing there is also something that makes me grow. I have a drive to reach something. In the cracks I have a burning passion. That passion is simple, something I am stuck on and the very thing that gives me the ability to push the publish button on this blog.

The simple things in the end both change the way I experience time and also change how people receive me. They are the things that sometimes prevent me from moving forward in life, but they are the things that drive me to be better and to be less afraid.

The Weirdness Poster Board

I’m at the moment trying to figure out if this post is work publishing, if it will help someone or if it will be one more thing that is tallied up on the “a bit weird” poster board.  In the end do I have to be concerned about that weirdness poster board? No, I don’t. Neither should you!

Rewire that beautiful brain. Tell yourself something wonderful as many times a day as you can. Tell yourself to stop bullying yourself! Push that publish button on your post. Tell yourself that those two other writings that you came up with while you were already doing something, are worth writing down and worth your time. Tell yourself that your medical condition, and those large issues in your life are worth fighting for.

I am stronger.

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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