The Wilting of a Flower

When a flower begins to wilt, whether from environment or age, does the energy that pours from its veins throb more slowly?

I have had a few moments over the past few years where I saw bits and pieces of my life flash by. Some of those moments make my heart beat faster with the warmth of love and pride. Equally the harsh moments that flashed forced my heart to beat faster with fear and disappointment.


I mentioned to a coworker today that I might take a vacation to schedule my mid-life crisis. Though in truth part of me wonders if I haven’t already experienced that part of my life. Can a person have more than one? Perhaps there is a teen crisis, mid-life crisis, past mid-life crises and blessed are those who have recoverable crises after that point.

Today a petal of mine began to wilt. The life that started to retract and the slowing of my heart made me wonder why it is that the hard memories make my heart race, while the pain that causes those memories slows it.

I sat taking in air as if it would revitalize that part of me. I focused hard on the slowing energy ways; the very life force. I grasped for that energy only to wonder if the reason my heart felt so slow was because the energy was escaping my being so much faster.

I am by no means the beauty and innocents of a flower, nor are humans as simple. However, it would seem, that the life and energy that we share is the very same. Maybe it is what we do with it that matters most.

Though at times I see the wilting flower and am sad, perhaps I should look at it and see the beauty it was. Focusing on the slow drain of life does not bring it back. Remembering its beauty preserves it within the very energy of who we are.

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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