About Balance

I’ve been listening to books via Audible while driving back and forth on my daily commute. It has been a lot of fun to listen to some very entertaining stories, as well as having the chance to listen to some educational pieces.

Over the past many years I have grown in what my personal faith means and in all honestly what it looks like. I know that I am no where near perfect. I am ok!

Having some time to experience life in different ways, and having time to heal and learn to cope with bodily pain has been a great thing for me.

On the way to work today I was again listening to my new favorite vice. Ralph Waldo Emerson and rung in my ears for over an hour in my driving. Today I had the pleasure of listening to his understanding of good versus evil, balance and the give and take of everything we call earth. The words were beautiful, the passion was something that could absolutely not be mistaken. Listening away, suddenly I was drawn to tears as I heard in his words the very peace and understanding I have in my life. I heard his picture of the balance of life and how in life the polar energies of a magnet very much represent the whole.

There cannot be a shift in that energy without it effecting something else. His picture was drawn in so many scenarios so as to not be mistaken. This balance was shone in so many facets of living and was very encouraging and yet eye opening at the very same time.

Although I think it would  be something that most all people could benefit in on way or another, I am not driving my post to encourage everyone to read one of the greats.

I am however hoping to point out that, while as a species we have so many ideas and beliefs, it would be helpful if we all understood something of the balance that Emerson wrote of. All to often we forget to look at that balance in our own lives. It is just as often, perhaps more, that we forget to realize the balance we have with others around us; for example other cultures, religions, genders, castes, and colors.

For every little thing that we glean and experience, we are forever changed as a person this of course is balance in our own lives.

For each person we shame, judge or shun we are also making a change in our own lives; which is also a balance.

Here is to wishing everyone the very best in the balance you keep in your life!

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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