Chasing a Unicorn

There have been so many articles written recently of the mystical animal called the introvert. It would seem that introversion is theShy puppy unicorn of personalities. There are however, in the search for the supernatural, some truths and some misconceptions that seem to be getting mixed up in the electronic world. It would seem that this hunt is the opposite in nature of those reserved individuals that are written about, admittedly some of the work in articles is focused on helping extroverts understand their social opposites which truly is a gift to society. It may come as a surprise that this search has been ongoing for several decades and it would seem as though it is not going away anytime soon.

Often is it the nature of an introverted person to want to mask themselves in order to avoid drawing more attention to themselves. Some choose to shut out the world to rest from the overstimulation that they experience. Some find that they have to work hard to put on a social front so as to avoid making others feel uncomfortable and making themselves stand out from the crowd. Many introverted people are good listeners, it is in ways easier to help another person vent than to talk about themselves. Why are these people in the spot light? There are introverted people who are politicians, speech deliverers, business owners, and corporate managers.

Obviously there are other arguments regarding introverted individuals. Although we know that Facebook and Google are the keepers of the deepest part of the universe’s both horrid and misleading information, there are also many good things that a person can learn. We do know that introversion goes much deeper that what you see on the surface. There is speculation that introversion is just a matter of personality, perhaps genes, there is also the wonder if it is not the result of some sort of trauma.  Science has certainly gotten involved with trying to understand this personality, even as far as using chemistry to understand, alter and in ways “correct” the behaviors.

Other heavily trod conversation topics headline questionnaires and articles such as “how do you deal or interact with an introvert”, “Which steps must we take to interact successfully with and introvert?”, “What should we do if we know or are an introverted individual?”, “Should we be supportive of introverted behaviors or should we make it our responsibility to try to break these behaviors and characters?” and “Should we be concerned and make ourselves aware of the introverts around us, singling them out despite how uncomfortable it may make them feel?”.

In a certain amount of conclusion to an ongoing debate of the social unicorn, according to The Oxford Happiness Project, School of Psychology’s article revised in Feburary of 2000, it is possible for an introvert to be happy (who of us would have guessed)! While it is interesting to seek out differences from our own in others, it is equally important to consider a couple of things. Seeking out a character trait is much like seeking out people only because of their hair color or whether or not they have freckles. Feeling pity or being uncomfortable around introverts, probably is the same exact feeling they have towards you when they feel singled out from the crowd. Go ahead and search for information on the unicorn you are trying to understand, but remember you too are a unicorn which introverts are desperately trying to understand.


~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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