True Peace

Years and years have flown by since his life changes. Although some of the changes were for the best some also came with pain. He knew in the long run that is just the way it is. Fighting hard to work his days through, there was just one place that he found true peace.

Weeks and years would sometimes go by before he got to find that peace. It seemed as though his regular life was just the opposite of that happy serenity that he so thrived from. Life at home, though a beautiful city one of the most vibrant he’d ever been in, seemed grey and lacking energy. How could a city that was always awake and thriving be so dull?

This time it had been a year since he’d last found his peaceful place. Looking forward to a visit is was very probable that work would once again stifle his freedom. It was rare that this trip worked out. Although he could relish the drive, one of the other things in his life that he thoroughly enjoyed, a flight would mean more time in his space.

Tickets were purchased, a rental car was awaiting his arrival and a couple of friends that he’d made there were excited to receive him. Although he could stay with the little family he had there, it was easier to enjoy the trip without the maddening questions, thick hospitality that seemed forced and lack of genuine sincerity.

There were a matter of hours left before he was to be leaving, he knew that was still enough time for work to suffocate his trip.

“Rusty, how are you doing?” Sarah sauntered into his office.

“Well thank’s, whats up?” Hesitation and irritation oozed from his words.

“Just wanted to stop by and wish you a good vacation, it is about time that you left the office chair.”

“Thanks, I do think it will be nice, I do worry about things here though. I always worry about things here.” A sigh washed over him when it wasn’t a work problem that she was gifting him.

“Of course you do, that is how you manage such a great company. It is unhealthy for you to avoid resting, and just as unhealthy for you to pile on the stress of constant worry.”

“Yeah, I think that is just me though. Thanks for the concern.”

“Have a great time, please consider taking a few more days, things will be just fine here.” A soft smile washed over her face as she turned on her heals and left his office.


The flight had only a slight delay as there was something the plane needed addressed. They landed smoothly with no rough skies, which going in his direction was rare. As soon as he exited the airport a deep breath filled his lungs. Cool and clean air enveloped him in a pollution free fresh breeze. Why did he not move here?

The drive to Tom’s was a bit of a jaunt but nothing compared to the flight. In truth is was little in comparison to his daily commute.  Settling in took no time at all, a quick catch up and no time was wasted traveling up the mountain.

-He and Tom hiked up to their favorite spot, a place that they both visited together anytime he traveled that way. Sitting in silence the emerald green trees swayed in the sweet smelling air. He always was in awe of the wise giants. He wasn’t much for a lot of common beliefs and superstitions but there was something there. Sitting on the dirt in full peace Rusty could feel something strong an energy that radiated through him is graceful vibrations calming his very soul.

Breaking the silence Tom looked directly at Rusty, “I understand the job, the soul you have poured into it but you come back here and you rejuvenate that soul. You relax and feel the very movement of the earth. Why don’t you finally move here?”

“I wish I could, I do think it would be good for me. Then again what if it is the seldom visits that make this place that much more incredible. Giving up a job that I have given my life for would be a train wreck if I couldn’t find work here and if it became the same dull monotonous feeling at home. I’d rather keep this place the my sacred get away.”

“You do realize I live here every day and yet I come up here with you and still find the same peace I always have?”


Back at his desk he was still pondering the same question over and over again trying to put it away. Years of work made him a workaholic that few could compare. Why hadn’t he spent a few more days. Spending everyday listening to the wind in the trees while he was there made it hard for him to make it back to work.

“You are so distracted, you need to take vacations more often you are a bit more like the others in the office now. You are usually so engrossed no one can visit with you.” Kayla have joked and was half in grief for her boss.

“Part owner requires I focus of course.” His lifeless response hardly encouraged her to say much more.


“You have made it back again pretty fast there Rusty.” Tom grinned with a small sense of wonder.

“Yeah couldn’t focus at work.” His face veiled.

“Glad to have you back.”

“Yeah I think I’ll be staying for awhile, there is a bonus of being able to work anywhere in the world I want to be, I thought I might as well set up office out here.”

Tom offered him his usual room with extra space in the basement for an office. Getting settled in, he reassured Tom that he wouldn’t be in his space for too long. The usual courtesies were exchanged leaving Tom a bit confused.


It wasn’t long before Rusty was settled in a little home at the base of the beautiful mountains he so adored. He still carried out operations at home but most of the work load was redistributed and a couple new employees were hired to replace the extra work he had done.

Gaining freedom enough to live life like most other people reduces his work load a great deal, in truth he had no idea he was so stressed to begin with. The beautiful wonder of the mountains in Wyoming brought him happiness that he had never known elsewhere. To live feeling the vibrations and power of the mountains each day was more gratifying than the years he spent building a career.

… Prompt writing words= mountains, emerald green, vibrations, and peace

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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