Rachael’s Freedom

In her office typing away at a keyboard that was familiar enough to be an extension of her had, an image appears in her minds eye. A deep sigh of relief and frustration overcomes her, giving her time to pause. How could it be that even now she can so clearly see; so clearly feel.

Although her job is routine and could certainly pay a bit better it supported her and gave her life financial stability that she felt she had never had. The job itself may not be great but the work she does is her passion. Coming to work is a bittersweet happening each and every day.

Tapping her feet under the desk her mind wandered to the warm sand that engulfed her toes until her feet were completely embraced in the most beautiful texture she’d ever experienced.

Shaking her head she tried to wash away the distraction. The clear mind only lasted a few moments before she was once again in that place, in the only place that truly felt like home.

Weeks and months went on this way; monotony mixed with distraction. Constantly reminding herself that this is what she needs, this is what she really wants. She sighed as she knew this is not what she really wants.

Flashes of sand, and the sound of the waves riddled her mind causing more and more pain. Realizing her true love was that place, her home she left behind. She told herself she needed to grow up; needed to climb ladders and leave her mark in life. She would rather leave her footprints in the sand.

It finally donned on her to consider a pro and con list. She never followed through knowing sensual love of the beach was an emotional pro not the mind of an adult. Focusing instead on the pros of her job she refused to look back. That truce lasted shorter than it took to make it.

A laptop on her bare legs clicked away as the deep blue ocean shared its waves and soothing sound. Her toes no longer tapped but rather wiggled in the warm sand sending her body the sensual peace that filled her entire fully. The ceiling she worked under had absolutely nothing on the warm sun gracing her with warmth and comfort.

Perhaps this life is a fantasy for others, but for her this was home. This was love, comfort and freedom. Working on the beach brought her peace and she realized she worked harder when she was calm and at peace.

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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