Helping Montana

Looking at the red sun that we’ve had for a couple of weeks now, and finally being able to see more than across the street it is time we help Montana.

Here in Wyoming we are suffering enough smoke that our children’s eyes burn and they cough during recess encouraging teachers to bring the kiddos back inside for their downtime. Many of our citizens are coughing, sneezing and developing sinus infections.

With our suffering it is a good time to remember where this is coming from and the suffering of those immediately involved. I’ve read several articles that though they do not want to take away from the tragedy of the hurricanes they ask why Montana is not receiving help.

As we cough and wish the wind would sweep away the heavy smoke fog that has been darkening our days it imperative we remember where it is coming from.

We are sending efforts to Huston from the damage hurricane Harvey left behind. We are also preparing and awaiting the damage that the epic hurricane Irma is promising. There are many efforts being made to care for these natural disaster victims.

For the many asking “what about Montana” please direct your friends, families and blog supporters to ways that they can help. Remember those who are close, something as simple as bottled water and snacks can be enough to encourage and thank those putting their lives in harms way to battle a natural happening.

For those who cannot send supplies there are other options to help. The following sites give suggestions for those hoping to help.

If you want to see some of the damage as well as some of those fighting in Montana visit the Billings Gazette

You can keep up with information, photos and new information on Montana Wildfires on Facebook.

Our country is certainly suffering major natural disasters. Many people have been displaced, several have died and our country will suffer the recovery needed. However it is also a time we can be grateful for the citizens of our country pooling together for fundraising, supplies and overall support.

More can always be done, but let us not discount the major efforts being made to help our countrymen.

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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