Dry Grass

Of the most prized things in my life nothing tops my precious family whom bring so much love, and the outdoors where I find a sense of renewal.

No one seems to hurt a person quite like those we love the most. No one seems to comfort pain better than those who we love. Although this is no new concept it is easy to forget the good things

So often we fail to see the big fluffy clouds ahead of us when we are focused on the dry grass below our feet. It isn’t long before we notice a large dark looming electric storm right behind us. That dark storm drives us forward toward the light fluffy clouds forcing us for completely forget about the dry lifeless grass we were focused on before. As the storm swiftly closes the space we forget the bad “dry grass” but we also forget the good.

Sometimes we forget that the storm will eventually pass. We forget to focus on those happy fluffy clouds that we often forget to pay attention to because we are focused on the piddly pains in life. Although a drought is certainly a big deal, a bit of dry grass in the midst of a hot summer is really a small worry compared to what it could be. Not being able to provide water or food to our families is obviously much worse that dry grass. Forest and plains fires screaming across the land can be absolutely devastating.

With that even the fires die out, the storm will bring more water and the heat only lasts a few months. Why then do we see the dry grass or those trifles in everyday life, as an unmovable wall.

In some ways that frustration with our roadblocks slow us down and prevent us from looking forward and focusing a way to climb that wall. On the other hand those struggles can encourage us to fight harder, to search for a solution and to conquer.

No one can avoid the pain that necessarily comes with life and very few people can walk through life and always be happy and at peace. When there is a storm dance, when the sun shines so bright you’ve forgotten that night is coming, don’t forget the sun will be up again tomorrow. Weather the days with as much balance as you can. When those extreme highs and lows come don’t forget to appreciate those clouds. Don’t forget the things that matter the most to you.

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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