Dance Steps

She looked like a mixture of both bright and rich colors all tied together in a well balanced paisley gown. Each move appeared to be a well orchestrated ballet of pure passion.  Although it seemed as though she had no color or note purposely out of place, graceful chaos seemed to be her fluent language. Hiding behind an observant expression, so much more was ready to explode like a prism from her eyes.

He looked like a well worn thick piece of sturdy leather. Earning a luxurious smooth feel from years of unrelenting work yet still baring the undeniable and comforting fragrance of newly tanned hide. Having the classic cool gaze of a reserved gentleman he also emitted the teasing air of passion well hidden within him. Put together in a simple look that was confident and steady.

She saw him; he poured out a rich cobalt blue color that sang of freedom, laced together with a deep green that whispered a subtle grounding. His expression while used effectively to hide from others, gave away his deepest emotion and wildest dreams. Looking over his simple choice in clothing she knew he downplayed the vibrant colors that were the very building blocks and essence of the person he hid from his self.

Glancing briefly at her face he wondered why a woman who dressed in passion would have to hide. Her calculated reactions were a comfortable routine used to gauge the people she was interacting with. Even her glance at him still exploded well beyond the hand she held between herself and everyone else in the room. He saw her; she was an enticing landmine which no one saw coming.

Thus it began.

A dance ensued that was unclear and overwhelmingly vivid to onlookers. Colors swirled around them like ribbons around a ballerina; colors swirled that no one truly understood but them. While it would seem one was leading, the dance would morph and suddenly the other lead with a new tempo and entirely new dance style. They eased into the waltz, ran wild with the salsa and enjoyed freestyle movement around the room.

As with everything in life, and each social interaction there were ups and downs. The ups seemed to find them both soaring and oblivious to the world below them. The lows put them to deep places that the people above could never understand.

Much like a lone cowboy in his saddle a paisley shirt and a well used leather saddle, they were of one mind. Both adding their own talents to the whirlwind. His leather only got more supple having a vibrant hand to hold. Her reservations about the world around her eased as he showed her protection and love.

Those watching the dance found themselves learning the steps and finding confidence in the dance.

Dancing into the sunset many wondered if they made it to where they were going. They are remembered today each time their dance steps are repeated.

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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