Growth at the Cost of Pain

Good Day Lovelies!

I hope that this fourth of July is a restful and colorful reminder of the pain that was paid for our countries growth and freedom.

Ironically I was thinking of another type of pain today and found the connection of the two beautifully ironic.

Reflecting on the past three years of my life, I’ve swum in nothing but great pain. People having met me in the recent years have met a version of me that could absolutely not be if it weren’t for the pain of these years. People are new of course, every few hours; days, weeks and years. Every obstacle and experience has an effect on who we become in the near and distant future.

Rehashing the pains may be a great way to remind oneself to avoid such tension, and it may be away to pave growth in yourself, but rarely does it seem to be a way to fix the present. Rather these pains while not forgotten should not shape who we are today. Sadly this is a lesson only new to me in recent months, even though it sneaks up on me from moment to moment.

Sometimes through those great pains we have in our life we forget that the pain is the price we pay for growth whether it be exercise for a healthier self or emotional pain to recover or move forward in life.

All to often while in those fires of pain we loose sight of the picture we are trying to achieve. It is easier to dwell in the pain we are fighting than to look forward to the goal we have in mind. I’ve been the worst at this wallowing the past couple of years. Looking forward and trying to see patterns of the past in order to avoid pain is a natural reaction however looking for patterns to avoid growth is extremely unhealthy.

After a lifetime of being stuck in one place or another I’ve tended to avoid growth that would in one way or another remind me of the pain of an earlier event in my life. It has left me a weak, sad and at times lost individual with little hope for my own future. It has led me to help other people on their journey and readily accept that my path is going to plummet no matter what I do so therefore holding the hand of another and seeing their growth was my only comfort.

While that tactic is not always very successful the compelling part is that helping and being helped both cause a great deal of pain. The counter to this pain is the growth provided for both individuals.

Being stuck as of late in a place that has caused pain to all those I love the most I finally came to understand that I do have the ability to help myself. I can look at my own pain again in the face, even after these years of being a hostage to my own grief. Those images have become more clear again giving my goals freedom to blossom.

Taking the reigns to my life, and being confident in goals and dreams has given me a deep sense of freedom. It has given me the strength to look at my present challenges and to be able to push them to create growth and movement. Like my country today, I’ve realized I am free of the prison my life had become. Like my country, today I have accepted that I can build a new future, I can make choices for me, and I no longer have to be afraid of change.

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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