“Life is ours, We live it our way”

Many people have gotten to know that one of the ways that I communicate is through music, both my own and most often through others. Music is one of the things I can always go to in order to express an emotion or to find relieve from a slew of emotions.

Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters is a song that seems to be coming back to me over and over again. While the origin of its creation is not clearly known it seems that the generally accepted interpretation is close bonds with others earned by opening yourself to them.

Things seem to matter to me a great deal. Sometimes I am finding that they matter so much that I’ve forgotten the important things in life.

Another portion of this song that stands out to me is why I titled this post the way that I did, “they don’t care for what we do, they don’t care for what they know, but I know”; “life is ours, we life it our way” the lyrics explain the conflict of being yourself and the struggles of opening yourself to another person. I feel like it is also the explanation of the triumph in finally accepting yourself for who you are.

I’ve truly enjoyed posting weekly music moments over the past few years. One of the reasons I stopped doing so is that I found myself sharing for the sake of sharing rather than focusing on works that truly helped me to feel something. So while I will not be starting up Music Mood Moments anytime soon I do find that music is still one of the ways that I communicate, even if others do not understand what it is that I am telling them.

I recently took on a project, as a gift for a group of friends that I have started to open myself to. I want to give them a bit of the energy they have given me. I asked for everyone to contribute their favorite songs and have compiled them into one large play list. We have so many genres and so many different decades of music; but it is the sound of the people around me and the sound of their passions all combined.

As the list got rolling I have found just over 5 hours of this music energy. I am more than excited to be able to share this list with them. While some will not understand why this is a project of passion, I know others will be moved. Yet regardless of the mixture of reactions, I know “Couldn’t be much more from the heart” and in the long run I am learning to live life my way. I have had some bumps along the way and know that they will continue to come; I’ve made some bad decisions along the way and I’m sure they will continue also but I am happy to say that I am finally starting to open not only to people in my life but most importantly, to myself.

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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