Good Evening Lovelies,

I am sure many of you by now have discovered that my writing style is a bit quirky at best. I do not follow many of the rules set forth for writers, authors, or the “how to be a great literary master” blog articles readily available. Many times what you read is not a linear thought but rather a bubble of sorts that starts, takes you on a wild tangent, then ends somewhere related to something close to where I started, or something that rhymes with something near the middle of my article.

That is me! Something I embrace, run with, and have come to appreciate. Editing my own writing is somewhat another topic altogether however. While I find that text with grammar errors are difficult for me to read, it is easy as a writer to hear the voice of creation in your mind faster than your writers mind can keep up.

I came to accepting my own style after some years of learning that it was acceptable and normal that I had developed a taste in authors’ styling more than plot or overall genre. A bit of educational work and I learned a bit more about how some of the more historic authors coached their proteges. Eventually I learned to accept my own style, and appreciate the process of tweaking and developing my own work.

Much like a scientist becomes the experiment, and the math mind becomes a complex problem, I realize how writers and more generally lovers of words become the text.

An individual’s writing and taste in reading changes over the course of their lifetime. As a child many of us were told that whatever intelligence level we tested at would be the peak of our entire lifetime. Science has since proved that theory incorrect noting that people can gain intelligence throughout their lives in different areas of intelligence. Part of this theory seems to coincide with the study of cell regeneration. An article by New York Times- Your Body is Younger Than You Think describes this regeneration of cells in an individuals body.

One question that came up in the article is if I regenerate fully every 7 or so years, how am I able to maintain memories. Fortunate for us our brains are a complex and glorious thing. So with the regeneration of cells brightening up our days, and the ability to gain intelligence as we advance in age, one can certainly see how what we read today may have a profound affect on our tomorrow.

So whether you see reading as a burden or a glorious escape from day to day routine or even a beautiful painting of words flowing on a once before screen of nothingness, what do we have to loose in stretching our word experience?


~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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