Below the Ripples

water ripplesMost all of us have thrown or skipped a rock into water to see the ripples. There is something exciting about watching the energy disperse throughout the surface of the water. Perhaps we enjoy the idea that we can indeed have an effect on something that in other situations seems well out of our reach.

Not unlike throwing that rock, many of us have heard the ripple effect, and how we can easily reach countless people with our goodwill, decisions, or even downright nastiness.

We put out energy out there and watch it rip through our social circles, or we watch it gently wave itself around our life. We’ve all heard that the energy we put out there will come back to us. Yet, what about those of us who prefer not to upset the surface tension, and we focus on the calm or rather keeping the peace? We keep the peace so not as to upset those around us. But what is coming back to us? Can we grow when we refuse to learn about the water; can we grow when we refuse to make those waves?

What happens under the surface of the water while that rock sinks into obscurity? It is easily forgotten especially when we focus on the immediate energy on the surface. As soon as that ripple starts we disregard the rock that has now changed not only what we see right away, but has stirred the water below the surface which we cannot see, then ultimately changes the landscape of the ground below.

We may not always see the reach our energy may have. Then we may not see how it changes the hearts of people as we focus on the immediate reaction of those around us. Even deeper we have no idea what that energy may inspire in others long after we forget our own action.

People make mistakes. We put out energy we think is positive and ultimately we see that it hurts more than it helps. Sometimes we get to see the positive reaction we were hoping for and we forget that it has the potential to reach so many more people than we are involved with day to day. Sometimes a simple smile to a cashier at a busy supermarket is enough to lighten their day, which in turns may just improve the day of many of the cashier’s customers.

You may be afraid to make waves. You may prefer the peace. Yet, sitting back and not putting your own energy out there means you wont reach others who may just have needed your effort. Constantly soothing the surface tension is never going to create deeper change. Those efforts will never be a new home for a small fish fry trying not to get eaten, or never be the customer who was enchanted by a cashier’s smile who then goes to work happy and helps their team complete a daunting project bringing long lasting relief.

I hope you don’t forget the joy of watching those ripples glide through the water.

Happy wave-making lovelies!!!

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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