Good evening lovelies.

Combining the two blogs is a journey that is no where near over. Going over the posts, cleaning up links, fixing errors, relinking social media, and remembering the journey I’ve been on has all been an emotional roller coaster. 

I’ve not used the label Daily Garble in quite some time, it got it’s start as a daily blip on my blog as a means to say hello to the world and write something that I thought may be of interest while I found what it was that I really was intended to write about.

As I have been roaming through the halls of many years of writing, I am taken on a journey of things that I have shared to try to help those who many find a need for it. I have found stories of my beautiful children and the lessons we have learned together. 

However, one thing that I failed to really share were the Ah-hah moments in the past couple of years which of changed who I am, and have finally helped me to see why it is I started that Daily Garble in the first place. Those little blips some five years ago were heart felt tiny throbs of passion aching to make a differences, aching to share love and art with people who may need it. 

Over the years I worked at helping my infants reach these fun years where the world is more at their grasp. While at that same time, working through school I had to focus on literature in a different sort of way but I learned a great deal about what it was that I loved in the process. While those tiny blips and heart beats were few and far between, they grew in strength and became more diverse and confident as I shared parts of me that I did not understand. 

Now, I look forward to more growth as I see where that passion started, as I decode the art of my early blog work. I’ve added a new sensual flavor to that early work, and have taken up a combination of that early passion and my newer style and personal development and understanding. 

In all of this I hope that whoever along the way stumbles across my ramblings will find a blip, a heart beat, a breath of fresh air, or a kiss of encouragement to revisit their passions, feed their fires, but live for today and tomorrow rather than punishing yourself with a past that is already gone. 

My fears have kept me from sharing a lot of my work. Have kept me from publishing my first novel and finishing my second. Yet somehow in all of this I realize that, that is alright because there is no better time than right now for me to start again.  

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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