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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's Shy Reading? Osteen

I typically read several books at one time. My husband says he has a hard time reading one at a time, and has no idea how I manage 5. I usually have a couple books started for various research topics I may be following at the time, as well as a relaxing book for times I need a mindless story to delve myself into. I also will occasionally try out a Christian love story and a controversial or self-help book to stay up on current events, authors, or topics. 

Alright, so the Goal of these What’s Shy Reading posts are to keep a running list of my current reading as a reference point for later links and articles.

My mom suggested Become a Better You, and loaned me her copy. This is my newest addition to my current stack-o-books in progress. I am currently just into the book itself, and have very little to report on the Acknowledgements and Introduction. However, I am sure there will be more to come the farther I get. I have not read any of Joel Osteen's other works.

My mom did locate this book on CD, and is enjoying have it narrated to her by Joel Osteen himself. 

Mr. Osteen has several other products that have been produced with the co-name Become a Better You. However, I am not personally familiar with those works.

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