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Updated: 09/19/2016

Turn your food Challenge into Food Fun!

Another thing that I noticed about altering a family’s diet, besides some of the obvious and not so obvious challenges, was the opportunity to create a healthier lifestyle. When we started to focus on replacing food options, we also started to consider replacing nutrition we felt we were now lacking. Come to find out, yes we were lacking greatly in our day to day diet. We now enjoy many more vegetables, a greater variety of fruit, a larger variety of grains also in better moderation, and better quality meats; all in an effort to make the most out of the challenges we were faced.

More and more people are finding adjustments they need to make to their diets! There are those that can get away with eating pretty much everything, but on the opposite end of the spectrum there are those that are challenged with a very limited diet. Over the last several years our family has found itself in the latter category.  I can honestly say for a long while I was overwhelmed and even openly defiant to the changes I knew we needed to make. Our newest adventure has lead us to a primarily wheat free home. I am sure you could imagine the groaning that was heard in our home, and I am sure I can image the groans in several houses across the world on a daily basis.
Ok so the question; How do you make this fun? The challenge of creating gluten free flour mix that works for our family, avoiding other allergies, and still having something palatable is surprisingly fun. Yes, I have recipes that flop; I certainly have found some combinations that taste absolutely awful! Anyone working with gluten free cooking and baking, or food choices also knows that one of the other main issues is texture. Gluten free foods certainly struggle to copy the wheat texture many of us grew to depend on and love. Over the last several years and prior to our food fun challenge, I had a difficult time coming up with my weekly menu that incorporated a bit of diversity. The challenge of recreating some of our family favorites with new ingredients has more than recaptured my attention in cooking. Indeed it has given me something “fun” to do!!

I encourage anyone facing dietary changes to first seek information from a trained healthcare provider! Don’t give up! Whether by choice or not, you can get around many food restrictions with a positive outlook!

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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