There are a few times in life that I can remember being stunned by a horrific event. Today of course is a day in which American’s recall one of those events that changes forever our history and our perception of what terrorism looked like on American soil. 

Not long before 9/11 I recall standing in the audio department of our local Walmart with my dad. I watched emergency vehicles, tears, and the looks of absolute bewildered fear swirl around something like 20 television screens as the Columbine nightmare unfolded before the country. I felt my heart jump to my throat and the tears sting my eyes and heard the pain and mumbling of those gathering around us. 

The morning of 9/11 fifteen years ago I had been up and prepared myself to go to class. After riding down the elevator from the 9th floor of the dormitory I stepped out and saw a small gathering around the ceiling mounted television. Smoke and explosion caught my attention and pulled me in as I was caught-up and instantly suffocated by grief. My heart broke, my mind raced for the friends and family members that I knew who may have relatives and friends in the area, perhaps in the towers. 

Sitting in class knowing… angry… grief… fear… terror

I learned nothing from that class, nor very little from any class that day. I remember the tears, the moments of silence, and the heavy hush that weighed down hearts of those on campus. 

“Where were you the moment the towers fell?”

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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