As Promised

I have been promising for some time now some pretty fantastic changes coming to A Mom’s Handbook… well lovelies that time has come.

 After an interesting few months, and some intensive soul searching, and some thought provoking questions, I am finally moving forward. Typically when I move I leap… this change is no different

A Mom’s Handbook has been promised a face-lift… a deep cleaning… reorganization… and most importantly a breath of the passion it was originally started with.

 Over the next several days I will be doing just that, posts will be moving, arriving, and being brushed up. I hope you enjoy the journey. I realize that change for some is not always appreciate and for those who do not love it, I understand. For those who embrace it and are willing to jump from the airplane with me… I hope you enjoy the rush!!

 I thank those who have checked in with me over the years. Those who have browsed my pages, and those who made some of my dreams come true in the writing and blogging sphere.
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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