Another Fishing Metaphor

You feel the line being lightly toyed with, obviously this fish has been drawn from the water before and is familiar with the feel of a steel hook. The bait begins to travel a small distance and you let out line to accommodate the prey you are after. You watch as the line pulls and stalls, darts again then rests, and you reflect on how this, your fishing has changed over the years. In times past you were a professional circuit fish thrashing champion, and now here you are rescuing this finicky fish from a mud pool where it and several others has no chance of survival. Days of netting and fishing have meant relocating fish back to the larger body of water that these fish belonged to prior to the accident which severed this smaller pool of water.

Suddenly your prey feels a surge of confidence and decides to bolt away having hopefully taken the bait firmer. A slight pull and you set the hook, knowing too much of a pull could rip the hook clear of the experienced mouth of the fish, yet not setting the hook is a risks your fish could decide to spit it out finding it too risky to keep hold of. 

Waiting for a fight to erupt from the line, disappoint sinks in when the line goes limp of life. Exhaling the frustration and concern all at once you begin to bring in line. A tightness takes you by surprise and you wonder if in the muddy gumbo you’ve picked up a log or rock, but after a bit of pressure and the drag starting to click against you it becomes clear that this fish is not like others you’ve seen or fought. 

Again you are faced with decisions. Do you bring this fish in fast and hard? Do you bring it in slow and gentle? Which one will tire the fish? Which way will reduce the stress and get it to the larger body of water safest? 

Each fishing trip yields something a bit different. Each relationship we enter does the same, going into it with preconceived notions can leave you disappointed or ill prepared for situations that arise. 

Often times titles skew the real meaning of our relationships and focusing on definition rather than value takes away from the enrichment and life giving experience a challenge may provide.

Obviously one must be in control and responsible when they see that they have the upper hand in a situation that requires they guide and direct another. However equally we must accept in life that these situations arise. 

-Shy Willow

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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