Dark Room

Welcome to the darkest room of my castle; the room that until now no one else knew about. I quake knowing that now you will know the dark bloom of energy that swirls in clouds of blackness upon the dark canvas in which you gaze. I ache in bitter frustration as my being is sucked into the darkness which balances the passion that freely lights my day.

Welcome to the place inside of this suffocating darkness which cools the blood and slows the heart. Breath is drawn slowly and thoughts focus purposefully on the singular painful necessity. My mind swirls in the ache and bitterness of pain I’ve caused; bathing in the self punishment of disappointment and mourning. 

Colder and deeper I go, why are you here with me. No one must see this pain. On the verge of plunging into a pool of black and boiling tar, on the verge of letting go, there is a pull.

So many times before I’ve felt around this dark room with the tips of my fingers, searching for the freedom of the door. Why are you here, you will get hurt. 

Yet, before I know it, it would seem we are both in a the cold corridor outside of the dark room’s heavy door. Slowly I warm and feel my body desire breath again. I’ve not been in that room for some time, nor do I wish to go in again. Perhaps you were there because you needed to see the peace you bring.

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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