Part 4… Her Name

For those who are new, this post is a 4th part in a series called Her Name you can scroll down or check through the archives to locate the previous segments if you wish to read them first to get a better feel for the character of the brief plot.
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After my own heat was nearly unbearable He sat back leaving nothing between us but tension and a dark expression. After a deep  and well controlled breath his attention was back toward Lacy as they picked up conversation about an event that was coming up in the near future that both seemed to have made plans to attend. 

Roger’s face had the same dark expression that He had just washed away. Looking down at Doll you could see a beautiful charge build between the two of them. Doll’s body was as still as it had been the entire night as their eyes were completely locked in a silent conversation. A single expression crossed Rogers dark and concentrating eyes and with that it would have seemed that his spell was absolutely broken except for Dolls immediate response. Within moments Doll was once again her happy playful self cooing under Rogers protective gaze, but now she was doing so setting herself to work releasing him from his pants. 

Looking away feeling the need to give them their own privacy I realized I was being introduced into an entirely different level of comfort and social trust for Him. Although the heat has not at all left my body now I have a bit more processing to do and it is admittingly a challenge given the state He put me in. 

Lacy and Hund were little different in their display. Lacy held Hund’s leash quite tight in one hand as she prodded him with her heels and got in a lash here and there with the strap he carefully placed for her. Interestingly the expression on his face was much more at ease now then it was when I tried to introduce myself to him. The level of trust in the room escalates more and more as I see it and while the scenery itself is still rather new to me in some ways, the beauty is not lost. 

Hund is kept on his knees for the entire gathering. Though he is allowed to kiss Lacy’s feet for sometime he remains on his knees. 

Doll is loved and petted and remains on Rogers leg until long sometime after she has pleased Roger. Doll’s work was much less silent than Hund, though it would seem purposely so for Roger’s pleasure as he seemed to build upon her audio serenade. 

He engages in conversation between both back and forth for awhile longer all the while kneading my skin and rubbing this thumb hard into different muscles in my thigh and back. The sensation gives a pleasant mixture of release and also a slight burn. I sit still and silent soaking in every touch and barely audible guttural rumble that vibrates in his throat. Each sensation building the most delicious tension between us.

Until in turn both couples take leave and thank Him for the invitation. Hund quickly changes and packs up, but this time Lacy waits for him. After walking both couples to the door He sits next to me again and searches my face. 

“That was an experiment wasn’t it”. His voice is deep and rumbles tickling the same places that are already throbbing from his assault. 

“I gather that was a warm up and trial run?” my words come more coolly than the fire that is raging within.

A small chuckle escapes His throat, “you don’t miss much”.

“I never really did like exams.” I feign dissatisfaction.

“That is a shame, I suspect you’re really going to dislike this next section then.”

Within a moment I was pinned to the couch with His very warm body holding me securely. Part of me knew that even if I wanted to struggle it would be a wasted effort. However, I was mush in His hands, I didn’t want to struggle.  

The next move still truly baffles, but in a stunning display He rolled us off the couch and in the time that it took to completely roll and land He had most of my dress displaced, a new position, and my body pinned once again, but now to the floor. 

“I believe you and I have some unfinished business to discuss.” 

“Hmmm, does that mean I get out of the exam?”


“Interesting.” I huff. The weight of His body pressing me into the unrelenting floor is a sensation beyond glorious. It is a challenge to have much for emotional expression when the charge is so very strong.

A surge washed us both in a beautiful dance of pushing and pulling. Not a single word crossed our lips, no giggle, nothing but those sounds that are made to communicate that only the physical body need hear and understand. Those sparks that He massaged into my muscles were enough to feed into our first raging fire, a fire that raged until the early morning hours.

Spent and finally cooling He broke our silence, “come sweet Sapphire we need sleep”. 

Tucking us into a soft cocoon and cradled in His arms I felt His breathing ease. “Good night Tim.” 

He sighed lazily, “Good night sweet Becky.” 

– Shy Willow

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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