Chaotic Peace
A moments rest in the eye of the tornado, the storm we relish. We’ve sent our heart out, something not uncommon. Though we rarely give our self fully to another we give our heart with the hope that it will heal. On occasion it comes back, radiating. All too often the hurt we try to save is so deep that the love we share is lost, turned black, and used as fuel to feed an ugly monster.

We sit, taking a deep breath, filling our lungs for the first time in months. The pain is there though shifted to a new place. There is a new joy there giving us pause, is this our new reality?

Our webs are wide and complex while the inner strand is so well guarded and simple we are truly misunderstood.

We guard our pain as carefully as we guard our peace and love.

That breath we take in the mountains, when the buzzing is gone, that breath we take that washes away the pain, the breath that reaches every cell and screams freedom amongst our sweet chaos. 

-Shy Willow
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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