Sex is Art

Artistic expression has found its way into every corner of the social experience. People have found food, literature, painting, street art, sculpting, music, body art, and aquamarine exhibits, social expressions of art in which to be enjoyed, shared, and explored. Although not everyone appreciates each type of art, and not each type of art seems to move every individual, the theme remains the same; people enjoy sharing the growth, wonder and experience together.

Some may choose to embrace sex itself as an art. Others may of course embrace sex in any number of ways, and beings as it is a language all its own, there really is not a set “right” way. However, I would like to suggest that we open our minds to the language of sex as an art. A social language that all experience differently, some embrace passionately, some immerse themselves in as a means of relating to the world, while others utilize the language as a way of release and perhaps momentary freedom. We will not always appreciate nor understand why or how those around us grasp the language and make it their own, but we do know that in a small way it is something we share.

I have had the chance to meet individuals who cannot allow themselves to feel passion in sex. The physical is just that. On the other end of the spectrum I’ve been privileged to meet those who’ve seen the experience as an artistic expression of energy which allows them something of a spiritual connection.

Differing lifestyles have differing views of the topic, but it seems no matter which side of the fence you call home you find individuals who have closed their minds to embracing the larger picture. Religion, no religion, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or whatever it is you fancy labeling yourself, try remember that the labels in art are only a way of helping us find the kind of art we enjoy the most. The labels are not there to tell you which piece of art you will like, won’t like, should emulate, should not emulate, or should try to build your grilled cheese sandwich to represent.

Sex is art. To you it may be that sex is soccer, quilting, naptime, coffee, or gardening; no matter how you see it, or better yet, ultimately feel it, what matters is that we remember to appreciate spices, varieties, and many colors.

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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