Her Name… Part 3

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Parting our lips I drew a deep breath and felt something new fill my body. It was not the usual lust or ache from a physical encounter, but rather a curious sensation that much like beautiful darkness I could not put my finger on.

Finally coming out of my haze I was expecting a smirk on His knowing lips, but it was something else, perhaps the same strange bewilderment that had overcome me. A brief  pause and He had me help carry out a few things for a refreshment that was made for His guests. 

Settled down again it was not hard to notice that our shift in energy had not gone unnoticed by His guests. Doll was still at Roger’s feet, though it appeared he had refilled her glass, but Hund had managed to change clothing and was now seated similarly at the foot of the chair he’d prepared for whomever it was he was waiting for. 

A deep breath had just eased from His perfect lips when another knock at the door interrupted the momentary silence. He rose and strode once again confidently and unshaken to answer the call, Hund fidgeted and then resolved himself to a firm position looking upon the carpet. 

“Hello Lacy” His welcome was warm and inviting, I could easily hear the smile His face met His guest with.

“Hello Handsome!!” a sultry woman’s voice poured out like liquid sex.  They embraced and He welcomed her in, following closely behind it wasn’t until they were in the sitting room that I was able to see her stunning figure. Her voice did not at all oversell her, and I found myself somehow wanting to melt, or dissolve, disappear even. Working with clients on a daily basis it is rare that an individual makes me feel so intimidated, but something about this guest seemed to to do just that.

“Roger” she nodded, not waiting for His introduction “Doll” she smiled warmly, “good to see you both again so soon!”

“Always good to see you too Lacy” Roger replied as Doll replied with nothing more than her gorgeous smile. 

Taking a step towards me, I felt every inch of my body pricked as her words deepened with something I knew very well to be dark, “and who is this pretty little thing…”

He stepped in front of her cutting off her motion and her sentence without a single word. The tension held for what felt like minutes.

Turning towards me and reaching out His hand, He brought me to my feet at His side. “Lacy, this is Sapphire. Sapphire this is a close friend of mine, Mistress…” She interrupted quickly, “Lacy will do, it is a pleasure to meet you Sapphire, that is a pretty name you have.” Her handshake was formal and not unlike what I was very familiar with. Somehow He had diffused whatever tension, and I am not even sure why it was there. “Thank you, Lacy, I am very fond of it. It is a pleasure to meet you also.” A grin overcame her face and she excused herself quietly as He pulled me back to His side at the couch. 

Lacy paced a bit around Hund, not at all acknowledging him. 

A low chuckle escaped His lips and He offered His guests refreshments. In the course of the next few minutes Doll daintily gushed over being allowed to serve Roger refreshments, Lacy briefly praised Hund for his good work, just before scolding him for slacking in making sure she had a drink in her hand, and before long Hund was Lacy’s footstool, literally. 

The sincerity on Hund’s face as he worked and hoped to please Lacy was endearing and beautiful. Not unlike the language of Roger and Doll, it seemed that Hund was attuned to Lacy’s body language amazingly well. It seemed that each movement that Lacy made had some meaning which Hund quickly decoded and responded to. There were those moments that Hund did not quite read the movements correctly and Lacy seemed to enjoy jarring Hund with snaps to his pale colored skin with the strap he placed for her, or even with the spike of her heels until he quietly moaned. 

Lacy joined the men’s conversation with ease as I again took up the position as silent observationalist. The conversation moved much like every other conversation, topic to topic with relative ease, though rather than work, weather, and politics this took on the form of work, leather, politics, inside jokes, and the twists of humor associated with living in what I would call a duality of life. The movement of the room was exciting to watch. 

His breathing next to me was a constant frustration. Focusing on conversation and learning new personalities, I was at the same time soaking up the time I had with Him, while also trying to understand the rich and dark sensation we had shared earlier in the kitchen. His emotions moved a great deal through the night and prior to that moment, had been easy to read and understand. 

As I was rifling through the images of His emotions, the conversation shifted pulling me from my shared focus. A pause, and what felt like tension, though not negative tension. 

His hand slid tighter around my back and side and rested on my thigh. As He slid his hand to the side of my thigh He squeezed it tightly in His large hand, making the breath catch in my lungs. 

“What do you say, has my baby girl been good?” Roger asked the room as his eyes darkened gazing into Doll.

“Fantastic I’d say” He spoke with a kind smile towards Roger. 

“I suppose she deserves to be rewarded then.” Rogers words oozed with a calm darkness that deepened Dolls haze. Her breath changed and her smile softened as she calmed herself soaking in every movement Roger made. I am pretty certain at this point Doll no longer had any notion of people still being around her. 

At that He bent to my ear whispering slowing the heat shot straight into my most deeply guarded of places, “watch the energy spread like wildfire”, and with that his teeth found my jawline and neck… torturing the tiny shred of control I clung to. 

– Shy Willow

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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