15 Years.

Good evening lovelies. I have spent several months in the land of Oz, well at least that has a good ring to it. Truth is I have been lost in the land of higher education, elementary education, house wifyness, mommyhood, and somewhere between sanity and the land of the slightly-less-than-sane. 

To say that it has been a rough roller coaster would be a gross under statement. However, I am here at my computer of all places, after a several day run of completing what aims to be the last piece of my undergraduate program. 

I started this adventure some 15 years ago. How incredibly difficult to say that an on average 4 year degree has taken me 15. I will say in that time I managed to start a mini career or two, or three. We also married and started a family who have beautifully colored the pages of my online home. 

I have pursued many fascinated aspects of the title domestic engineer. I have also equally explored facets of the title which I know no human out there really wishes to claim or revisit in their memory. 

A lot of the final work for my classes have asked that I reflect on my education and growth. Which I will admit has been lovely. Yet I feel that there is so much more to reflect on.

While I would like to make light of the situation and continue my banter, I really wish to thank all of those who have been the lights along the way. The people who reminded me that this is indeed something that I love, something that I want, something that I can do, and something that I should not deny myself. 

I want to thank the hours put in by those who suffered with me while I studied, and stretched out the growing pains of my educational process. Education is a personal thing for sure, but to say that it is an individual thing is absolutely a fallacy in many ways. My education has been my constant companion these years, and looking back it has been a part of my identification and part of the lives of those who I love and love me. 

For those who sacrificed, put up, watched, sympathized, encouraged, teased, and even threatened… I thank you with the warmest of my gratitude. 

No my journey in education is not over. I will be spending some time with my kids, enjoying some pleasure reading, doing a bit of work, writing to my lovely internet family, and sharing pictures of my flower gardens. Life changes, twists, and turns, and the ways mine has done so needs a bit of attention, in the meantime I do hope to see more of you all!!!

*originally published on AMomsHandbook.com

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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