Sensual Sounds Jo Dee Messina – Bring on the Rain

Some of the sweetest things are found best coupled with salt or sour flavors. Who doesn’t love a bit of dark chocolate with some sea salt, or that bitter dark chocolate with some tangy sour fruit flavors to contrast. 

Never fails it seems that my bitter moments always have a hint of irony buried in them somewhere. Most of the time the irony is a light bulb moment where I realize that yes, although this is miserable, there is something absolutely beautiful about it. 

A couple of days ago, while driving home and halfway listening to the radio, halfway lost in thought, a song hit me… it was my light bulb moment. It was that chocolate that made my salt perfect and it was the lemon that made the sugar useful. 

For my music loving, rain dancing, irony chasing, sensual beauties…. “Bring on the Rain”.

-Shy Willow
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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