Her Name … pt 2

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… among the chatter another knock came at the door. This knock was more timid, the first couple of raps went unnoticed by the conversing men. Doll and I’s reaction to the sound seemed to be the only way the next visitor was going to gain entrance into the rendezvous.

“Excuse me.” His words paused the conversation. 
 “Good evening Sir.” A meek male voice met His at the opening of the door, “I hope my timing is acceptable.”
“Yes, right on time, come in.” 
“Thank you” the meeker man replied. 
As He entered the space again I was expecting the meeker man to be smaller or quite a deal younger, but really neither seemed to be the case. The timid fellow was about the same size, huskier even, and roughly our same age, wearing a costly suite, and overall looked sharp. 
“Sapphire this is Hund.” As I was standing to greet Hund he pulled away nervously and I paused… what had I done wrong. I looked nervously up and He took my hand and smiled and pulled me into the couch with him.
Hund seemed to relax a bit putting down the bag that he carried with him. The bag did not look like the type a businessman would carry, rather it looked like an overnight bag. 
“Sir” he struggled in an innocent way, “where am I to set up for Mistress?” Hund fidgeted as he awaited His response. “Over there is fine Hund, make use of what you need of course” He motioned towards a leather chair kitty-corner from the couch.
“Thank you Sir” Hund nodded and began to focus on his task. 
He and Roger picked up conversation and Doll sat still as ever, with slight movements which seemed a reflection of Roger’s every motion. I sat concentrating on the liquid layer of the wine in my glass as I lost myself in thought. He pulled me back quickly as I felt his hot breathe fill my ear and wrap around my neck, “Hund isn’t allowed to be touched by anyone without permission from his owner, you startled him, he was not sure how to respond and did not want to be rude” He whispered in my ear. 
I swallowed hard feeling a pain for the frustration I’d caused Hund, my ignorance made him more nervous on top of the tension he’d brought with him. Pursing my lips in my own disappointment His hand slid up the curve of my neck slowly as His fingers twisted gently into my loose hair. 
His whisper continued “you need to relax, you were being polite and did nothing wrong, he always frets for awhile” He applied a bit of tension to my curls and a delicious feeling combated the anxiety inside of me. “Breathe beautiful” His whisper came as He released my hair and pulled me into His strong side. 
Hund was busy arranging things in his bag, had pulled out clothing, and placed a leather strap on the edge of the arm of the chair. Glancing towards Doll I noticed that she was still lost in Rogers every movement, and soaked in the looks he would occasionally reward her with. Those moments when he would look down upon her are when Doll’s face would light up and glow and emotions would spring from her in the most uncontrollable way, now I understood. It was beautiful really, to see their unspoken language, how strong it was, how Roger could say so much to Doll just by a subtle change in the glances he gave her. 
“I have a tray to bring out, care to help me?” His words were laced with something dark…
“Of course” I smiled, following Him to the kitchen. 
Once we were near the fridge I felt a familiar pull as He twist me around and pinned me against the cool doors of the appliance. Growling in my ear I felt His free hand sliding into my hair “your response was too much, I had to have it again” His growl vibrated against the skin just below my earlobe. Pulling my hair steadily back that alert skin on my neck was met with His teeth, and this time time I didn’t laugh and squirm, I sighed out a breath that fueled His eagerness. Kissing me deeply I felt something much different in His lips, something I couldn’t quite put words to, something dark, but beautiful.
– Shy Willow
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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