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I’ve enjoyed the past few day’s I’ve had with the kiddo’s as Conan had a trip for work. For some time I have been watching my sweet red-headed, dancing and blooming, Sweet Pea express her love language. First off I have to say that it is one of the most beautiful things I’ve been blessed to see. It has stirred some worry as to how I can help her develop that language in healthy ways, where she will gain confidence, also I know that with love there automatically comes the pain of disappointment and learning. As we share the same language I know too well some of those early pains and disappointments.

I explain to the kids their love languages as superpowers. It is a bit of fun along with a serious note. Not only has it been a fun experience for the kids, and we’ve learned to treat each other with more respect, but I’ve learned a lot more about myself (who would have guessed right!!). 

Of course they say that teaching helps to improve learning. I’m learning a great deal. I’ve been in tears many times the past few days as some of the road blocks I created for myself over the past many years have finally been taken down, all because my daughter showed me through her actions and innocent passion that I was not actually protecting anyone by keeping them there anymore. Those wrecking balls are bit uncomfortable in all honesty (even the ones painted with pretty flowers who sing country songs, and like to draw hearts and flowers on all of their homework!!!). 

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