While scrambling around the kitchen this morning helping my son get ready to catch his bus for his enriched learning class, we were having a discussion about choices. His first partial year as a public school student so far, been quite successful. There of course have been certain bubbles. 

After his having a resent bout with a pretty sore body we had yet another discussion about food choices. It is a challenge even more now because what he hears conflicts with what he hears in school. Foods he hears from school to be great food choices, are poison for his allergy ridden body. Again we discussed how bodies are unique and special. We embraced how our challenges could in fact be much worse. We focused on our goals for our bodies for the future. We shared our goals. Ultimately we got down to brass tacks and visited about how making decisions is at times is like getting an egg shell in your breakfast.

Like many breakfast discussions it was rich, filling, full of nutrition and brief. The bus was here and I was helping him out the door trying to stuff his uneaten portion in a bag for him to eat once he got to the school building, I do hope his teacher is a bit more understanding. 

I enjoyed my breakfast time with my son. It made me remember the many many visits I had with my own mother about anything and everything under the sun I could muster to get her to talk about. I do feel sorry for her at times I was a very mommy attached sorta girl. 

I also was reminded from our interaction that making decisions is not really my strong dish either. Who wants to say that they have a particular menu item they are not great at right? But alas, life is very much making decisions and at times I feel that my skill ebb and tides in that particular part of the day. Perhaps I need to take the advice I gave my son and take it a step at a time.

I need to get the pan hot once again as the girls are now awake and ready to start their day. The girls are still at home with me pursing their school interests one breakfast at a time. The zoo is well, and as loud as ever.

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