Her Name

Getting to know a man like Him is a thrilling cocktail of excitement, adrenaline, and the unknown. I could see where it would be easy to assume that with how upfront He is that there would not be much under the surface….

We started visiting several months ago. Our first conversations were pretty straight forward with little by way of mush or emotion. Getting to know each other was easier than other acquaintances and relationships I’ve experienced. A hard working man with a specific taste in most things and a desire to make sure communication is complete and effective.  

I am fairly open myself. My emotions can be a mess like most women I suppose. So things I tend to be open about while others I tend to bury very deep, only visiting them myself on rare occasions making certain I leave years between those visits. 

There is something very refreshing about a man that is so open. I wont go so far as to say that He is talkative. Nor will I say that his openness removes all intimidation… that simply is not the case. He demands respect with his movements, the way He crafts His responses, and the manner His body moves with overwhelming confidence in everything that He does. 

Our first dates were in public places, or with a couple of friends joining us. He wanted me to feel safe. Some of our outings were more formal dinner dates; a couple of dinner events were even related to His job, which really was surprising to me. Another few dates were at locations in town which tend to accommodate a variety of relationships, lifestyles, and comforts. I was introduced to a few ladies that were with friends that He spotted as we visited. Always having a couple or more join us as the night progressed. Under other circumstances I am sure I would find that annoying. His lead puts my mind at ease, and I very much enjoyed those I had the honor to meet. Along with the interesting people, I watched how he interacted differently with those in this setting, than He did in any other place that I’d seen yet. He was more relaxed, still carrying Himself strongly but somehow a bit more at ease.  

Tonight’s date is a bit different. The nerves building inside of me are actually making my stomach upset. To be honest, I have no idea why. Going over my own personal checklist of things I had wished to finish before leaving my apartment, I found that with each moment that got closer I am more and more apprehensive. Not fear… or is it fear? No it cannot be fear, is it excitement? Yes that must be it, but there is something more. 

My cobalt blue dress is pretty stunning and I’d hoped that by wearing it I may just feel a bit of added confidence. Black heels and a loose carefree curly hair style fell over my shoulders down the length of my back. Wearing a bit more makeup than I do for work, yet less dark in color I glanced again at the mirror and while I never really appreciate what I see, I wasn’t overly disappointed either. 

“Hello.”  I smiled while He was greeting me and opening his apartment door. I felt the heat radiate from my cheeks.

“Hello. Come on in. You look wonderful.” His words came out smoothly and not at all lacking that confidence I’ve come to know Him by.

“Thank you.” I stepped carefully through the threshold of a new adventure. 

“You look a bit nervous.”

“Yes I am, and I am not sure why.” I spoke honestly without hesitation.

“Good.” His smirk always lights me on fire. “It simply means you don’t find me predictable yet. I like that.” He took my arm and led me to a sitting room and motioned me to sit with him. “Care for a drink?”

“Yes please.”

“Pinot Nior alright?” He knew very well it was more than alright. I smiled and have an agreeable nod.

Our dinner went very well. Smoothly and we visited about a lot of topics ranging from work, to current events, people He’d introduced me to, and upcoming plans. While He was very professional feeling in our meal, I could not help but notice the occasional glance that did not quite feel like it agreed with the tone He was keeping.  

A fruity dessert and another class of wine in the sitting room and the tone changed again. He was more relaxed and had that easy look on His face that I saw at the club. 

After a bit He moved to stand in front of me. Pulling me to my feet and holding my hand He led me towards a hallway that had stairs. In a sudden move I found myself turned facing Him with my hands behind my back, and my back pushed up to the railing of the stairs. Instantly my body changed all of the prior nervous energy into a heated want. His lips barely touched my neck and He slid His lips and nose up to the bottom of my hairline. 

“You look incredible in this deep blue color.” His whisper poured hot breathe onto my skin which was already on high alert. Before I could respond His teeth gently sunk into my neck. A sigh escaped my lips, while a moment later a chuckle left His. 

“I’m glad you enjoy that. You need a name.” He said as he looked me up and down as though He were inspecting me like He would a new car. A grin came to His face. “It came to me the moment you walked through the door.” I smiled as I watched His expression teasing me, delighting in my not knowing, my anticipation. 

“We are expecting company tonight. You remember Roger and His Doll?” 

“Yes, I believe she was the one with jet black hair and Roger was the very tall man.”

“That’s right. I invited them over so that you could get to know Doll a bit better.” With that His lips took ownership of mine. Still holding my wrists His body heat on mine made my knees feel weak as His lips seemed to be filling me with life itself. Pulling away He smiled down at me. 

At that moment a knock came at the door, lacing our fingers together He walked me to the door. Grinning at me as he opened the door, He dropped my hand to shake Roger’s and invite them in.

“Roger. Doll.” He said giving Doll a brief hug. “You remember Sapphire?” 

I looked up into His eyes, which met mine. A small smile spread across my lips as I saw that knowing look on His face again. 

“Hello Sapphire, it is great to see you again,” Roger said as he leaned in to give me a small hug. No one has ever touched me, of any of His friends, but it seems that having been introduced with my new name is significant. 

“Hello Lovely!!” Doll giggled as she gave me an excited hug. 

He and Roger moved into the room finding the wine. Doll and I visited a moment before we were interrupted.


“Yes, Sir.”

“Come sit.” Rogers voice came from the sofa. 

Doll gave me a quick smile and headed directly towards Roger. He game towards me as Doll was sitting at Rogers feet. Handing me my glass of wine, which He’d refreshed He slid His hand around mine saying, “Come Sapphire”.  

I am sure the smile on my face as I walked next to Him did not go unnoticed by Roger and Doll, but I was too busy trying to control the heat I knew came to my face yet again. Sitting us down on the sofa opposite of Roger He whispered in my ear, “Ready?” I nodded subtly. 

Roger and He visited for some time, as Doll kneeled quietly at Rogers feet. He handed her some wine and she sat still and sipped her wine, remaining attentive to Roger. I also sipped my wine in silence observing the conversation and happenings. I could feel His energy and knew that this was important…

(to be continued)

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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