Life Happens

It really is incredible how quickly time passes. Even more shocking is how life happens in those moments that seems to vanish before you feel as though you truly got a good glimpse of them.

So much has happened in my world that it would seem to require a novel to go back and recap it all. Between many changes in school, teaching, and family happenings, sports, jobs, goals, illness, you name it and it seems to be in the mix. 

On top of that our country seems to be shifting in a backwards direction from the monumental strides its taken since I was a child. No doubt some of those family and cultural things could be brought back to our country, but it seems those are not what we are going back to. Instead our country seems  to want to revisit issues that caused pain, fighting, and segregation. 

I do try to keep politics from my pages, but it is hard to write from the heart when you find many things weighing on it.

One thing that I did learn is that when I do not write, I am not expressing myself and I suffer more depressive moods. I have picked up working on a second novel but that is in small moments when school work is not pressing for my attention.

I hope this finds you all well as we find ourselves deeper into the holiday season. I wish you all the blessings of family, friends, and the passion for sharing that makes our hearts bloom this time of year. 

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Shy Willow

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