NaNoWriMo 15

Hello there. It has been some time since I sat down to write, much to my own dismay. I have been so caught up in life. Some of it good and necessary of course. Some of it doing nothing for me but causing stress and erratic sleep patterns. I have been reminding myself on occasion that I will write again this year for the NaNoWriMo challenge. 

I loved the National Novel Write Month challenge of 50k in 30 days, which I participated in last year. I was a winner and was able to finish my first full novel, which is still in the works to be published. 

I had thought for sure I’d have been a better planner this year. Had a topic, direction, burning desire to etch out in black and white the inner burning passion…. yeah you know I just did not get that far. And here I am on day one of the challenge with nothing to say, nothing to write. 

Then it hit me. Writing is me. It is my release, passion, and my way. I have been suppressing that, no wonder the words and thoughts and passion are not free flowing. 

Last years novel was my leaving the box novel. It represented so much in my life. Now I am in yet another weird phase and am finding myself scrambling to understand what it all means. There is one plot that I’ve developed over the years that I wish to write much different that my erotic piece last year. However, it still thrives on sensuality. Part of me thinks that its just not the time. Another part of me thinks that a part 2 of last year is in order, so as I am searching for the answer to my problem I thought it was time to put down some type. 

I hope you join my new challenge of another national writing challenge, as well as the challenge of finding style again. It seems that my time taken away for higher education is tearing me away from my own style. NO this paper is not formatted in APA!!!

I know that my absence has been noted by a couple of dear friends. My apologies for disappearing into the never-neverland of my own torment. I do hope you find it in yourselves to forgive me. I hope you enjoy seeing what you’ve inspired in the weeks to come. 

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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