Rum… pt 3

Yes that’s right, a third installment of “Rum” by request. Shall we see how James and Rum fair now that Rum is aware of James possessiveness? Will she submit to her own desire, has she found her glitter in the mud, is James just taking advantage of a pretty face?

“I didn’t see that coming, that’s for sure.” Rum’s pleasure was apparent on her face. 

“I want to hear you say it,” James still holding her hair spoke with calm confidence. Rum’s face spoke her confusion, “I want to hear you say that you understand that you are mine” Jame’s tone not wavering.

“I’m yours, Sir.”

“Hmmm. I need more than that” James’ expression lit fire to Rum’s delicate black silk panties.

“I’m yours Sir, until you no longer wish to have me” her tone was certainly different than she used in the bar.

“I don’t share, I am jealous, I am possessive, you’re not allowed to be touched, do you understand that?” Jame’s question was much less asking and much more demanding and Rum loved every bit of it.

“I understand, no one else’s.” With that James spun her around and pressed her against a nearby wall. Spreading her legs with a knee and pinning her wrists to the wall at the same time, Rum could feel James’ want press into her ass. Sliding her hands up the wall and over her head James whispered in her ear, “Good now I’m claiming whats mine.”


Massaging and kneading my cheek he spoke in my ear, “You’re mine Rum.” I’d just gotten used to the rhythm of his hand when he suddenly slapped my ass, hard. The shock woke something up inside of me I had not felt in quite a long time. Desire started to pool in my core and I bit my bottom lip in utter need trying to focus through the sting, and at the same time relax and let go. A second, third, fourth, then fifth sting landed all lighting up my body sending me into an orbit that is hard to control.  

While I was still working my way through his touch he stripped my body of my clothing, everything but my black heels. Spinning me around he used his thumb to slide my lip from my teeth. “Knees Rum”. I slid to my knees and look up at a beautiful specimen of a man towering over me and felt another gush in my hot folds. I grinned and stuck my tongue out waiting….

Gagging on his huge cock only made matters worse. His growl of pleasure turned on my fire. Before I knew it he had me on the floor my body pinned and my legs spread by his thick, strong body. How he knew exactly what all of my weakness are is truly beyond me. 

“Mmmm I knew you’d like that” James words came out as pure sex as his fingers discovered my very wet slit. “I knew you were naughty.”  I moan to his expert touch unable to develop any other response. “Your mouth is so good Rum, but I am claiming all of you tonight” James continued to bring me to the edge of the cliff. As quietly as I could I writhed with his touch, holding back, then finally jumping off when he said, “cum for me Rum, now.” Before my skydive had ended James had rammed hard into my girl. Pounding me relentlessly I was ready seconds after I landed. 

“James” his name came from my lips. “That’s right Rum, who do you belong to?” His confidence was a secret weapon that I had no defense for.

“James, I belong to ….” Pressing me down hard and pounding into me with machine like consistency and force I couldn’t get my mind to work for me. 

“Good girl, let me have it Rum, don’t hold back what belongs to me.” His words again undid me and I shattered under him. This continued over and over and over as he tormented the perfect spot inside of me, until I lost count. James was finally starting to build enough that he was moaning and whispering into my ear. 

Suddenly he had me up, to my feet, then bent over the arm of the couch. Sliding his glorious cock all the way up and all the way down my sensitive skin I wondered how much longer I could hold up. 

A jolt rushed through me his hand landed on my other cheek. Once, twice, then on the third slap he entered my body again. After sending out a squeal James’ honey like words enveloped me “Who’s hole is this third one I’m enjoying Rum?” His hand was again expertly working my clit as he rammed deeply into ass.

“James” I cried, “Oh James, it’s yours.” Again his body picked a rhythm that was pure perfection. This time when I fell to pieces he joined me.

I crumbled into his arms when he lifted me up to his chest moments later. Cradled in his arms I had no energy to argue, be snarky, or even express my admiration. I couldn’t even ask if he was pleased. 

Another few moments later I was woken as he was pulling us together under the sheets in his bed. Kissing my neck James soothed, “sleep sweetheart”. I mumbled for a syllable or two until the brain finally made semi quality connection with my mouth, “I didn’t get to make sure you were satisfied, Sir.”

James laughed heartily, “I am beyond satisfied. My body and my mind are elated, you’re finally in my arms, and you didn’t run away from my kinky lovin” he chuckled again.


“Never what?” he hummed. “I’d never run away, you’re my glitter” my mouth was failing me as the words oozed out thick with exhaustion.

“You’ll have to explain that one to me tomorrow, sleep baby, that’s an demand, you need to rest.” Playing with my hair was the final nail in my decent to sleep.

“Good night James.”

“Good night Rum.” 

-Shy Willow
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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