Rum… part 2

As per a request from a reader, I am following up the writing prompt from 5/18/15 with a second chapter. James and Miss Rum get to grace our senses with another appearance. 

I hope you enjoy this addition to the story, feel free to request your very own story, or one for a friend. Writing prompts can be a word, a couple of words, or even a sentence or more. 

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Rum watched James work. Sitting in silence she still wondered what exactly it was that had just happened. She knew what it was, she felt it, but was she fooling herself, was James just sparing the 30th customer this year from her uninterested smart remarks?

Most of her acquaintances actually knew her as Lady she hated her mother for that name. “Who names a baby Lady?” 

Lady was a hard working and focused woman. Raised by a single mother, Lady had always worked hard. Freshly out of college Lady landed a position at an advertising firm and had to deal with witty, snotty, and flirty people all day. Not exactly the dream job, but it was helping her to pay off some debt and get a resume built before she hoped to begin the next leg of her education. 

The bar was her place to unwind. She didn’t have to worry about the work that was waiting for her in her apartment, as she sat at the dark, smooth bar. She chose to leave the job in her cubical the moment she walked onto the sidewalk. So, for those few minutes every so often, she had no responsibilities. She certainly didn’t wish to mess that up with a complicated relationship. Besides, finding someone she was compatible with was like finding a piece of glitter in a dump truck of mud.  

Jame’s had slid a glass of water towards her while her mind ran wild in the numbness the alcohol caused. Having finished it, he filled her glass again. 

“No need to cock your eyebrow at me, you seem thirsty tonight.” James gave way no emotion as he slid her glass back to her. Rum had no problem at all admiring him as he worked behind the bar. His confidence was absolutely stunning. 

A few minutes later he erupted from a set of swinging doors to the left of the bar, with a modest black leather jacket hugging his strong shoulders. The color set off his features causing Rum to press her thighs tightly together as he strode over to her. 

Coming around the bar he grabbed her hand, “Come on love, lets blow this pop-sickle stand.” 

“Have I lost my senses? Am I really walking out of the bar with a bartender?” He’d probably done this countless times, but not her. But, it was James, and his hand felt so strong and amazing around hers. Why was she drawn to him?

After waving down a cab, and enduring a silent ride to his apartment, James paid and tipped the driver and the pair were headed up the elevator.  Once inside James took her jacket and his and hung them. Motioning Rum inside and towards the couch, he left and returned again with two bottles of spring water. 

“You know very well I have little trouble handling what I drink James.” She nearly pouted. 

“Drink.” His expression gave nothing away, but their eyes once again locked and passion was building between them at an alarming rate. Neither were able to look away, until finally he repeated “drink Lady.” Having read her credit card quite a few times it came as no surprise that he knew her name. 

Finally complying and sipping a bit of the ice cold water James started. “I know you enjoy going to the bar to get away from people” I looked into his eyes wondering where this was going. 

“I also know that you like to let go for awhile while you are there”. I watched his luscious lips move deliciously forming them into shapes that made my body flush with desire. James continued, “I’m not generally the type to refrain when there is something that I want. I work for it.” 

Rum chuckled, “I never took you as the criminal type.” 

James was less than amused. He drank the rest of his water silently, stood pulled her to her feet and held her tightly. “You can be lippy in the bar all you want but not with me, do you understand?” 

I felt red burn across my face with both confusion and desire, this was a side of James I’ve never felt before. He seems to speak my language. I nodded in agreement and took note of the wetness building in my core. 

James slapped my ass hard, “do you understand?” He repeated calmly but with a tone that was beyond sexy.

“Yes, James, I understand, I wont be sarcastic with you.” My body responded instantly, betraying my own mind. 

“I know you Lady.” He reached down his lips to mine and sent my body into a tailspin of heat and tension. 

“How long have you been refraining from what you want?”  James lips formed a smile that would charm anyone, “since the moment your fine body waltzed into my bar.” 

“Why tonight James?”

“Because I couldn’t stand the thought of another man touching you. I don’t share, you’ve been mine for a long time Lady, it’s about time you knew it.” Pulling my head back with a fist full of hair James kissed me deeply, reaching the very extent of my most secret places, then pulling away again. “Now you know. What do you have to say about it?”

I took in a deep breath hoping to clear away the haziness from Jame’s kiss. The haze was the intense rush of desire gushing through every vein in my body….

(to be continued)

– Shy Willow

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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