She sunk her teeth into my neck, stirring something deep inside of me. The pain subtle but absolutely overwhelming. For weeks she’s been telling me she wants to see the beast inside of me. So many times I’ve laughed and rolled my eyes. But her teeth made it clear. I finally understand what she wants.

The moment I felt her pearly whites clamp down on my skin I felt something primal come alive within my chest. Some deep dark hidden secret needing to erupt from inside of me. A growl escaped my throat as I firmly grasped her tiny waist in my hands. I’ve always been so delicate and careful with her, but now I find myself wanting to ravage and consume her pretty little feminine body. 

She growled low, “I knew you were in there” and the words hit me like a steal i-beam. I felt my entire body tense with need. Trying to distract myself I kissed her soft lips. Biting my bottom lip and tugging gently, she released and groaned “you are going to have to do better than that”. Why was she trying to make me mad, and why was it working, and damn why is it turning me on. 

Her hands started pushing and pulling me, I’ve always been surprised by how strong she is for her size. She packs an ornery punch for such a dainty little thing. Biting my chest and shoulders then neck again she started to try to pin me down. 

That did it.

In a flash  my eyes hazed. Before I even had time to think I had her flipped on her back, arms pinned above her head and her legs spread to make room for me. With one hand I was peeling her close off as she tried to fight back and free herself. The harder she fought the firmer I held her. Her giggles turned into grunts of effort, then into low hungry moans and groans. 

I teased her entrance with the throbbing and swollen pride of my manhood. “You’ve never been so ready for me baby” I growled in her ear. She couldn’t even formulate words in response. “I like you hot, and panting underneath of me.” She moaned loudly and tried to roll her hips into me. Her entire body was in submission to me, and something about that made me feel alive and awake for the first time. 

I forced my way inside of her, no frill, no warm-up. I punished her wetness for teasing me. It felt so damn good, I growled in hear ear biting her neck and pounding into her until her moans mixed with gasps of pain. Her moans got louder, her cries spurred me on, harder and harder. “This isn’t going to stop until you cum baby” I smirked as I looked into her near tearing eyes. 

Instantly her body responded and she clamped down on me. Her beautiful eyes rolled to the back of her head and her body curled tightly against my hold on her. A second later her body was violently jerking and twitching, the sensation was my own undoing and I filled her with myself. 

She continued shaking for moments after. Then suddenly I heard her gasp as though she’d been holding her breath the entire time. I pulled her into an embrace lying next to her, as we both worked down our breathing. 

I felt regular vision restored to my eyes and I saw a softness return to her face. Looking up at me she smirked, “I knew you had it is you”.

– Shy Willow
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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