Writing Prompt 5/8/2015

Hello there. I am just finished with some work and thought it would be fun to unwind a bit with another prompt writing…

Today’s random prompt- rum

Sitting at the bar I run my finger around the brim of my glass. Taking in the usual scene I note a few regulars playing pool in the back corner. I like the bar stools here they swivel smoothly giving to my slight fidgets. The dimmer lighting gives of a more soothing atmosphere than the bright and loud hot spot uptown. 

The regulars know I am not interested in their comments. They know hitting on me is like talking to a brick wall. I am always polite until they cross that line. James the tender tonight knows me well enough to tell when to intervene and tell someone to move along. He doesn’t ask questions, I like that. 

“What are you drinking sweetheart?” a large fella asks as he slides clumsily into the seat next to me. I cock my eyebrow at him and mock, “sweetheart, I’m not looking for company”. He scoffs and waves James down motioning to fill up my glass.  James smiles politely, “why don’t you move on down here and I’ll pour you one on the house, I don’t think she’s quite ready for another yet.” The ogre grumbled as he moved down the bar taking James up on the offer. 

Ogre throws back his shot and makes way to the other ladies in the bar. I giggle, “yeah they are more your type” as they coo at his attentions. James confidently makes his way back over and cocks his lips into knowing smirk. “Fill er’up James.” James obliges and nods, “be back soon”. He is a very handsome man. Tall, strong, dark hair and features but a sweet smile that nearly comes off innocent. A college student he works by night and studies by day, I admire him. He always knows what sort of mood I am in, either quiet, very quiet, or irate quiet. We get in a few sentences in my quiet nights. 

Taking a large swallow of my drink I relax and enjoy the burn as it heats from the back of my throat all the way down. Sighing out the last of the heat I continue to run my fingers around the glass, as a blonde man sits next to me, one stool over. His features are sharp and he is dressed in a grey suit with a smart maroon tie. He nods at me as James asks “what can I get for you?” 

“Whatever she’s having” the suit says, without skipping a beat. James shoots me a look which I cannot quite make out, jealousy? No, but it wasn’t the usual, “no worries I got this look” either. 

“A double?” James words ooze from his firm lips. 

“Please.” The suit threw back his glass and drained it, swinging his glaze back at me when he was finished. “Strong stuff there, bad day at the office?” his words flowed from his lips like he’s said them thousands of times before.

“No this is my version of a beer after work.” I smirk in response giving nothing away. 

“What is this tequilla?” A flush was coming to the suit’s face already. I knew it was a matter of minutes before he decided to scoot to the stool next to me. “So you come here often?” He tried to look sincere. Ugh another well rehearsed line. I huff and roll my eyes looking to find James. Busy with the barroom cheerleaders and the Ogre he didn’t notice my plea for help. 

Looking forward I began to swirl the remainder of my drink right before gulping it down, savoring the familiar burn. “Damn girl that’s hot” the suit winked as he began to move towards the closer stool. Setting my glass down I sigh out the rest of my burn mixed with frustration. 

Just as suit-boy leaned in to say something, James was standing before us. The mass of his body was intimidating enough to give pause to the suit. “Another?” James asked the suit. “Ah, no, I’m good for now” he stammered. James gave me my smirk silently asking if I was ready for another. I tipped my head and he filled me up. James lingered, I was waiting for his move on the suit, but instead his eyes met mine and didn’t move. The look was almost too much. I felt a familiar burn, this one did not take liquor, this one was want. Was that what I saw in his look? in his eyes now? 

“Love, I’m off work early tonight, do we have plans?” The words came from his mouth and I swear if felt better than anything I’d ever felt. “Yup” was all I could muster. A silent tingle raging through my body.  Our eyes not breaking apart, even when suit interrupted, “well, I have work early in the morning, was nice to meet you” he tipped his head at me. “By the way, what is that you are drinking?” James eyes piercing into mine, a look that makes my body respond with fury, a look that says he isn’t playing a game. Without breaking our tension James says “rum”. 

“Well, Rum, it was a pleasure meeting you.” I look towards the suit and smile taking the moment to try to collect myself again. He put cash down on the bar and made a b-line for the door. I look back to James wondering if it was just a distraction, but find that I am the one distracted. 

As our eyes meet he leans close to me, “So, Rum, I’m off in twenty minutes.” I gave him the smirk he usually gives me as his lips met mine briefly. I nod my usual nod after our lips separate. 

Finishing up and briefing his replacement, Carrie, on what’s left I let the rest of my rum slide down warming me up, but the burn has nothing on the fire James put to my lips. 

-Shy Willow
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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