Writing Prompt 5/6/15

Good Evening and welcome to yet another prompt writing. I hope you enjoy today’s brief post.

Prompt – Shy

“Hello” she whispered as her eyes study the fingers she was twisting coyly. I studied her beautiful face. Her dark eyes were set in an almond shape. She wore very little make-up which instantly turned me on. There is something about a woman bearing all that I find irresistible. Her pink lips were full, moist, and so smooth I fought the urge to kiss her. I don’t kiss them, why do I want to kiss her? Her long, slightly wavy hair cascaded down around her shoulders in a pleasing length. 

Surveying her body I took note of her healthy shape. She was neither very curvy nor so thin that I need worry she may be delicate. 

“Look at me” my voice demanding but soft in tone. This one is different, she is soft and less experienced than others I have met. Her eyes looked up responding immediately to my desire. Again she has my body urging me to touch her and we’ve only been in the same  room a few moments. 

Obediently she stands still waiting for me to direct her. I am torn is she really this shy? Is she just that submissive? Stepping closer to her face, invading her space I wait to see how she reacts. No flinch comes to her body as she watches my eyes dutifully. Still wondering about this beautiful piece of art in front of me, I realize that she has matched her breathing to mine. 

How can she be that in tune with me already? I reach for her face and caress her check before slipping my hand to the back of her neck. I never give them a name right away, I always wait, its a rule. I never touch them right away, I always wait. I never struggle to control my urges, I often have to work harder to want. She is different, “Hello, Shy” the words came easily from my lips just before touching hers. Our lips felt like they were made for each other.

After pulling slightly away from her I was again shocked by the confident but sweet reaction, she didn’t grin, she didn’t moan like most others. Shy didn’t even move, she simply said, “good evening, Sir”. 

– Shy Willow
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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