The Plot of “She Kissed Me!”

First I’d like to set the stage…

Here I was standing next to the black and stainless stove, stirring away at my fresh raspberry and steal cut oatmeal concoction.

Sweet Pea was helping by making up some drinks for the kids and I. The boiling was intense as I stirred to keep my pinkish colored mess from octopussing its way from the pan.

Now I’d like to clarify the plot…

I said, “ow” just as Who-Rae was walking in to check on the fun.

Now for the climax…

The boiling, pink goo, that nearly seemed alive with furry, jumped from its hot torture and kissed my hand with a drop of liquid that in color would have seemed much more innocent than it felt.

I wiped off the goo and continued my work. Sweet Pea giving me looks of sympathy when Who-Rae asked why I was hurt. Sweets explained and Rae asked if she could see.

Showing her my little hot and sore red spot, she took my hand in both of hers and leaned over and kissed me. Though it smarted a bit to be touched, the water that filled my eyes was not from pain. They were tears of pride as I got to see a moment, that in her desperation to comfort me, did what she knew had on many occasions helped her.

The denouement….

I smiled and said thank you. Her little (now it seems giant 4 year old) body hugged my thigh and she smiled the sweet smile of a girl that felt fulfillment in helping someone else. She skipped away, and my heart did too.

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~ Jenn aka. Mom
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Shy Willow

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