What is Going ON here???

The world of Shy has always been a busy and chaotic place. If you have followed for any amount of time, or read back a bit, you will notice an eclectic and chaotic theme throughout, with a touch of optimism.

The past 6 months has hardly been different, though I may say that the optimism was at times a bit difficult to locate. 

However, I am happy to report that things seem to be looking up again. The cancer scare that I had was tested and after months of worry, it seems that topic can finally be put to rest. My dad also has struggled but recently got some wonderful news.

I was was surprised to find that my hours for school had not been updated so I was a little further from finishing than I had thought, but with that being said I am still within 12 hours of finishing my English degree.  

The girls have been dancing their little hearts out, the older, Miss Sweet Pea has been competing and performed her very first solo jazz piece this past weekend. I was proud to see my shy little girl, who recently has blossomed, in front of hundreds of people dancing her piece and trying to remember to smile. 

Pumpkin has started baseball and though we have not yet started games, his practices are going well and he is enjoying the new challenge. 

My first novel is still in the editing process but it is going well and I hope to have it published around the time that I have completed my degree. The second book is also started and is building nicely as the days progress, though the genre is slightly different I think the topic is one that is enriching while I write.

We’ve set up our “dream” large tank for my aggressive, large Oscar fish named Puppy, trust me it suites him. He is large, is hand fed (he takes pellets from my hands), will at times let me pet him, plays with things in the tank, and at times likes to destroy the tank also. 75 gallons of water is really something when you think about it, I can hardly imagine the work hobbyist take on with 125 gallon tanks. But the hobby to focus on has been a good stress relieve over the past several months.

Spring is finally here, our trees are budding, I have beautiful pink tulips that seemed to burst out of the ground in a matter of a couple of days. Oftentimes this time of year we still are seeing snow, so the color splash is absolutely stunning and comforting knowing that soon warmer days will be staying again. 

Pumpkin undertook some extra tutoring recently. It is going well. I’ll be writing more on that soon. I am so very proud of the strides he is making, I am very thankful for the lesson that he has taught me, and I was reminded that through stress, fire, and tempering I am stronger if I just wait it out.

My lungs gave me some grief this month. A person has to love those seasonal allergies. Unfortunately this one did not subside until a visit to the clinic resulted in an interesting shot in the hip. I can say that I am grateful for modern medicine, but at times wish that I could avoid the medical seen for an extended period of time. I work with natural solutions as much as possible and am keen on finding natural solutions to problems in most areas of life. However, I still have to accept that despite my best efforts, regardless of the cautions I take, the medical community has kept me alive since my toddler years. For that I am grateful, even if at times I am a bit stubborn.

*originally published at AMomsHandbook.com

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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