What’s Happening This Month? April 2015


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Daily Observances

1st- April Fools Day 
7th- World Health Day

Worlds Largest Diamond~ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cullinan_Diamond

7th- Fun at Work Day
12th- Big Wind Day
15th- Tax Day
21st- Patriots Day
22nd- Earth Day
30th- Hair Stylist Day
Good Friday
Last Friday of the Month -Arbor Day

Week Long Observances

2nd Week- National Library Week
3rd Week- Wildlife Week
4th Week- TV Turn off Week

Month Long Observances

Autism Awareness Month~ follow the link for more details
Rape Awareness Month~ follow the link for statistics and details
Jazz Appreciation Month ~click for some history and opportunity to support a cause
National Poetry Month
Frog Month
Kite Flying Month
Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month
Humor Month
Book’s to Brighten Young Minds Month
National Child Abuse Prevention Month
Financial Literacy Month
Pets are Wonderful Month
National Stress Awareness Month~ follow for information on stress ~ In Depth look at Stress

Birthstone: Diamond ~Some fun facts about the popular gem
Flower: Daisy or Sweet Pea (lucky ducks!!!)
Zodiacs: Aries or Taurus

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