More Dreams

As the title implies, more interesting dreams have fluttered my while during my resting hours. 

Interestingly this time it was a violent, run-for-your-life, sort of experience leading me down paths of grief, flight, sorrow, terror, and even pain. My writing journal has certainly received more attention lately with the influx of odd dreams.

While a few of these dreams may find themselves written into novels, I am hard pressed to find a summation that would warrant others being turned into anything beyond a “what was that” journal entry. 

This particular dream could easily overlap genres of science fiction, horror, and mystery. Perhaps a “choose your own ending” would at least allow the reader some sort of choice in the terror they undergo. Hide under bus with the homeless guy, go to page 73… or Run frantically down the street screaming “someone help me”, go to page 94. Yes that would certainly give the story some additional excitement.

Upon a bit of reflection I am seeing that I was a couple of characters in my dream, which jumped from different timelines in the tragedy. At the beginning of my dream I was given insight on the mass murdering of several of my old coworkers. Next, I was captured by the murderers and tortured with a new device which gave my captures terrifying control over me, even if I escaped. Next the device was painfully removed from my body… and yes I do mean painfully. Next I found myself running for my life, all to be saved by a homeless man who for some reason knew I was in trouble. He took great pains to help me run.

After a chaotic web of running events, I was jetted into a new character. This character was faced with going to work… apparently after the tragedy was cleaned up. Do I or Do I not return to the scene and complete a day of work…. what is the risk?

I must say the method of torture I underwent, all on its own could be an interesting twist on a novel. 

Did I mention that I spent a few moments as the raging blonde capture who held me by against my own will by the terror of certain death?

I do tend to be able to jump around in my dreams a bit. Though it seems with these vivid ones that despite my subtle changes I can never really turn the dream around into something else, and despite trying to restart it, they always seem to be more in control than myself.

Would you believe me if I said their was still an unsettling romantic twist to this all? At least I can find some way to stick to my writing genre (heavy dollop of sarcasm).  

Perhaps the Tinkerbell movie was just too much for my sensitive nature. They do say scary movies lead to bad dreams….

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