NaNoWriMo 2014

Breaking the 25,000 word count goal was very rewarding and encouraging at the same time. It is interesting to share bits of your story with another person. I find I often get these looks which question whether I am telling a story or actually sharing a real life bit of information from some new friend.  

My main characters have outlined their way towards the main excitement and also major controversy of the story. It is hard to sit down and not have hundreds of words pour out. Reading bits and pieces here and there I find that some authors enjoy this portion of the writing, while others thing it completely wrong to like. I can be certain that my editing process is going to be interesting as this is one of the roughest rough drafts I have created. In the end I am enjoying the process.

Here is another installation in the life of my characters. Please keep in mind that it is rough, unedited, and my personal work. I hope you enjoy this little piece, I will have another exert soon.

“Wait a minute!” she said very forcefully.
“Whats wrong?” I asked.
“Andy there is something you are hiding from me I could see it on your face just now. What is it, why aren’t you dating, tell me the truth!”
“Oh I don’t know perhaps my lunch is not agreeing with me.” I said meekly, yup I am done for.
“Andrea tell me.”
“Look Brenda it is not anything that really matters much. Everyone has past experiences that make them cautious to certain things right? I mean you had a very bad experience with loose leaf paper if I remember right, much larger mess than past novels.”
“Stop trying to avoid this you owe me an explanation. Don’t you trust me?”
“Thats not fair Brenda I trust you, its just one of those things that is hard to explain OK? It is a mixture of those whips and chains that you tease me about with some added drama and heart break.”
“Andy?” she said the closest to tears I have ever seen her except for when she got the review and she was in hot mad tears.
“Look, I had a boyfriend, a Dom that I was with for awhile before I moved here. We had been together for a long time. We had a great relationship for the most part. One day I got home and he was in a more aggressive mood than normal, which was something I had seen developing in him over several weeks. I thought it was my fault. Anyways, we did our normal routine but he was very agitated so I tried to comfort him. I only made him angrier. By the time he was done,” I paused to compose myself no other person had ever heard this about me. “I couldn’t see to drive myself to the hospital. He got up and I called for an ambulance. My face was swollen, I had a fractured arm, a few broken ribs and a destroyed sense of self. I moved out while he sat in jail. I then made plans to disappear and moved here to do so.” I continued to work while I spoke. I knew if I looked at her react I would just get upset. I however, had no idea that Kim had walked up behind us. So when she grabbed me from behind to hug me I gasped and cringed.
“It’s just me honey” she said softly.
-Shy Willow
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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