Book Notes 11/17/14

I’d like to introduce you briefly to my main character. There is not a lot of sensual in it but it gives you a glimpse of the character who will be steaming up my posts soon. No, this bit is not edited I am in the Run-like-the-wind phase where I write like mad. 

For those who are concerned, yes I am on a hyphen kick, and yes I promise it won’t last long. 

I hope you enjoy meeting Andrea and her bestie Brenda.

“Andy, don’t you know you aren’t actually supposed to read when you come to the library?” Brenda said with a flirting wink.
“You are kidding! I thought for sure with all of these books around reading was an excellent idea.” Brenda’s book signing has cheered her back up. It has been a wonderful thing to see her light up with flair and glow again after the mediocre review and her struggles with the new novel. Interacting with the reader’s who have come to get their copy signed has warmed her up and breathed life back into her beautiful body. She could just as well have been a model as a writer. The flirts and pick-up lines she is receiving are certainly bringing a bright pink color to her perfect cheek bones. I do not particularly care for the crowd but am here to support Brenda and the discomfort is well worth the benefit of seeing her happy again.
“No darling you are supposed to be looking for that other nerdy book reader that makes your little heart go pitter-patter a bit faster than normal” she said with mock sincerity.
“How could I possibly be looking at the men type with I have right next to me a stunning female specimen who also writes?”
“Andy I know very well you are not into women! I am flattered but really I am worried about you, you haven’t been on a single date that I know of since we’ve met.”
Her voice no longer was carried with teasing and biting words, but with worry and compassion. “Look Brenda, nothing to worry about. I am sure one of these decades Mr. Millionaire will waltz into my life carrying with him jewels, gold and an original print of several of my favorite authors books and it will be love at first sight” I laughed in a menacing voice.
“You are not that shallow, and only you would mention old books in the same sentence you mention romance” she rolled her eyes at the same time.
“What can I say Brenda I am hard to please.”
“You are not hard to please you are hiding behind your books and your job.”
“Who are you and what did you do with my fun drunken-sarcastic author friend?” I sighed.
“Sweetheart, I am worried about you. You are the best friend a gal can have and I am certain you are an amazing counselor. I have no doubt at all that you would make someone an amazing girlfriend. I don’t understand why you don’t open yourself up to meet someone.”
I really have no idea what has gotten into her. This of course is not the first time, or even the one hundredth time for that matter, that she has brought up my being single. Typically it is not with this much fire behind it. “I don’t know Brenda maybe I am just too picky about who I date” I said trying to get off the topic.
“You deserve to be picky, but you can’t be picky if you don’t even try to begin with.”
“I know Brenda. You have company coming.” With that the topic was at least on pause for the time being. She went to work discussing authors, books, genre’s, hair products and her own personal muses. I curled my feet underneath of me and went back to my book. I like to pick up a new genre every few days to keep things interesting. I read five to seven books at a time each with a different genre. Right now I am working my way through a book I had already read but wanted a refresher on. Not only that but I knew I could get through it in the 4 hours I would sit through Brenda’s book signing session. I love the conversation between her and her adoring fans. Even more so I enjoy looking up and seeing her so happy.
– Shy Willow
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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