Prompt Writing 10/29/14

“Seeing him again made me certain….

that my choice in leaving was the right one. The way he ushered his new girl around like a new play thing not even taking the time to look at her face or care about her reactions sunk deep into the center of my stomach. I could see the expressions she made, I could explain exactly what they meant, they were the same I had when he did that to me. The feeling of panic, uncertainty and confusion. Standing next to a man who should have brought me comfort and reassurance but instead he was throwing me to the wolves. I must admit she is a very pretty woman and even with the look of chaos on her face shines radiantly in the crowd. I had no feeling of jealousy towards her but did admire her youthful face and long slender hands. I have no idea why I noticed her hands, I suppose the fact that she was trying not to wring them and fidget was what drew my attention. 

I knew coming here was risking seeing him again. I was afraid that I would not be able to set aside the few positive feelings that still clung to him relentlessly. I suppose in the end this experience shows that it was not just me, that indeed this is his issue, his character flaw and his own uncaring selfish way. 

The least I can do is comfort the poor girl, the one thing I had wished someone would have done for me. I know his rules so there is little risk for her if I do so. Walking up to her I feel his burning glance grabbing hold of those few fibers that are holding out, but I let them burn and did not return the sentiment. I walked up to the beautiful woman and made eye contact with her, instantly she relaxed. Something so easy so simple, but so very important. 

“Hello. I’m Sasha would you care to get a drink with me?” She turned her face to him looking for some sort of reaction, confirmation, something…. it was not given.

“Please, I’d like that very much.” 

By the end of our visiting we enjoyed a few drinks, talked about a great deal of everything just as great girlfriends would do, and I managed to bring her out of her shell and ease the frustration that had previously radiated from her every pore. The end was signaled as he approached.

“Sasha” he nodded. 

“Sir” I passively replied.

“Are you ready to go my pet?” he spoke to my unnamed friend. 

“Yes Sir” she replied. 

“I see you both got along well. Teri you may exchange information with Sasha if you wish, I believe she is a good acquaintance for you to keep. I’ll expect you by the entrance in 5 minutes. Good evening Sasha.” Teri blushed red very apparently new to the demands put on her.   

“Teri, it was a pleasure to meet you. I’ve enjoyed our time a great deal, I’ll pass you my number and if ever you should like to visit or have questions please feel free to call or text.” I said with a calm yet surprisingly confident note.

“Sasha, thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I know we did not discuss anything very deep in nature, but I can see that you have a better understanding than I do. I would like very much to be able to keep in touch with you” she nearly whispered, her voice so changed by his having addressed her. 

We exchanged numbers and I watched her quickly scoot to the door all to stand their and wait for him to finish saying his adieus. I noticed that she stood a bit taller and was more at ease with herself and the space. Had I have had a warm voice to decompress with, would the results have been different?  No, certainly not. My heart wished her the best of luck as he guided her out the door in his usual fashion.
– Shy Willow
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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